The following Skit is just a precursor to a dramaible study (where I would engage more directly with the text)… but shows how drama/skits can help get us started towards an engagement with the text. I wrote this skit for the bible study mentioned in the previous post.


Diving into Revelation: A (pre) Bible Study Skit

(characters: One group leader and three youth study members)

Leader: Today we are going to study the Book of Revelation…
One: What? What a terrible choice. Don’t you know it is such a difficult book to understand?
Two: Oh goody, excellent. I love Revelation… I find it a great reminder of how other people will go to hell and I won’t. Yaaah!
Three: Revelation? Oh now, now this Bible Study is going to go on for three hours!!!
Leader: Hey it’s not so bad, Revelation is actually quite a simple book if you…
One: Simple? Which planet do you come from man? Nuclear Physics is simple compared to Revelation!
Two: You’re right, Leader. The message of revelation is so simple. Everyone goes to hell except us.
Three: Hell… judgement… I’m really scared of Revelation. I never read it properly because I was scared of it.
Leader: OK. I can see this group is quite diverse, so let me explain briefly what I mean…
One: Let’s choose another book…
Leader: No, let me explain what I mean when I say that Revelation is simple…
Two: No need to explain again, Leader, I understand perfectly. Of course these people may need…
Leader: AHEM… as I was saying.
Three: Can I have a glass of water?
Leader: (angrily) No! (normally) Where was I?
Two: You were talking about how we will go to heaven…
One: No he wasn’t. He was talking about how some Christians think they’re smarter than others.
Two: Are you accusing me of something?
One: I…
Leader: OK… OK… please, enough. No fighting. This is supposed to be a Bible Study. Revelation is difficult to understand…
One: Thank you!
Leader: But it is not impossible to understand.
Two: Exactly.
Leader: I find one thing that helps me understand the book is that…
Three: Will we have to remember this for the Inter-Church Bible Study exam?
One: What Inter-Church Bible Study exam?
Two: Is it the one that happens in December?
Three: Yes, it will be happening at…
Leader: (very angrily) No, this will not be coming in any exam or whatever… I want to say that the Book of Revelation makes sense especially if you recognise that it was written to the Church that was suffering! It is a pastoral letter which encourages…
One: Why are you getting so angry?
Two: Yes, why is he getting so angry?
Three: It must be that he’s really tired? Are you tired, leader? Should I get you some water?

Leader: No thank you. I think I’ll just go back to raising sheep and goats. It sure was easier than this!
Three: He’s going? What about our exam?
Two: What about hell?
One: Where are we going to get something to eat?



1 Response to “Diving into Revelation”

  1. 1 Anonymous June 13, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Excellent…. skit.

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