These are a collection of Christmas short-plays (skits). Right now there are two main skits that I really like. Part I is missing somehow.

Continuing with the Dramaible Study theme… I have often use holy imagination to anthromorphise angels, and it’s always fun. Obviously angels are in no way like how they’re depicted here. But the ‘what if angels were like us’ scenario is quite enticing. Anyway, I lost Part I (of this christmas skit). But Part II is one of the most fun things I feel I have written. And here it is:


Scene I: about 2000 years ago, still in heaven with Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

GABRIEL: Michael, I have a huge problem.
MICHAEL: Oh good. So can I do your job?
GABRIEL: Yes, yes. Definitely. You have to tell God’s message to Mary.
MICHAEL: Is that it? Well, at least a more personal message is better than heralding the shepherds. You do that.
GABRIEL: Sure, sure. So I’m off then…
MICHAEL: Hey wait up, what’s the address?
GABRIEL: Address? What address?
MICHAEL: Mary’s of course.
GABRIEL: Well… Michael, that’s the problem. I’ve lost it. (crying on Michael’s shoulder) I lost it.
MICHAEL: There, there… that’s not a problem we can’t handle. The Angelic Intelligence will inform us of her whereabouts. (pulls out a cellphone)
GABRIEL: I’ve tried that Michael… my problem is that there are two Mary’s. Both almost identical.
MICHAEL: Wait a minute, what are you saying? Are they both descendents of David?
MICHAEL: Both engaged?
GABRIEL: Yes, yes.
MICHAEL: Both are heading off to Bethlehem?
GABRIEL: Yes, yes, yes.
MICHAEL: (with arm on Gabriel’s shoulder) Gabriel my friend. You and I have fought in many battles. But this one is just for you. You can have your assignment back.
GABRIEL: (breaks down again) What am I going to do?
GABRIEL: I can’t tell God. I’ll be fired.
MICHAEL: Or worse you could be made Guardian Angel for that International Schools in the Himalayas.
GABRIEL: No, not that. Anything but that. (shaking Michael) Michael, I need your help.
MICHAEL: So I get the next job.
GABRIEL: Sure, anything you say.
MICHAEL: Ok, let’s look at the reports (takes from Gabriel). What do we have here… hmmm…

(enter two Mary’s who are dusting)

GABRIEL: This Mary has jet black hair and this Mary has streaks of grey.
MICHAEL: There, see, we already have a clue. God probably want someone who is flawless.
GABRIEL: This Mary has been taught by her father, who is the leader of the synagogue. But the other one doesn’t seem to know how to read.
MICHAEL: See, an educated woman in this age, also a daughter of a religious leader. What other proof do you need?
GABRIEL: Well this other one does have a good relationship with God…
MICHAEL: But so does this one. Come on… can’t you see. She’s the one.
GABRIEL: Do you really think so?
MICHAEL: Positive. So go ahead and make your announcement.
GABRIEL: Ok… wish me luck.

Scene II Gabriel and Mary

GABRIEL:Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.
MARY:Hey are you an angel, right? Wow. And I knew God loved me and all… but I’m highly favored, wow. So what’s up.
GABRIEL: Um… right. Well, don’t be afraid Mary. You have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus and his kingdom will never end.
MARY: Me, a child? You must be joking right. I’m not going to have a child… not until I’m married at least. How will this happen anyway?
GABRIEL: The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one will be called the Son of God.
MARY: Look can’t we wait until I’m married, so it will be easier for all of us. I don’t really like the idea of being pregnant out of wedlock. You can’t believe the social pressure in this age.
GABRIEL: No ma’am. This must be done now, before your marriage. This child must not be the son of your husband.
MARY: Hey did you say, this child will be the son of God?
GABRIEL: Yes ma’am.
MARY: You mean I will be… I mean… if bear the son of God… then God must my…
GABRIEL: Please ma’am… let’s not go there. I think you’re letting this get to your head.
MARY: Imagine… all the power I will have. I will be great. Powerful, I will have a legion of angels serving me. I would be like a mother to God… so in fact (loudly) I would be…
GABRIEL: (horrified and slowly) Oh my gosh. I’ve blown it. (faster) Wrong Mary, wrong Mary, wrong Mary, wrong Mary….

(Back in heaven)

MICHAEL: Gabriel, wake up, wake up…
GABRIEL: Wrong Mary, wrong Mary (suddenly)… where am I? I’ve blown it Michael. I’m fried. Deep fried. I went to the wrong Mary.
MICHAEL: What are you talking about… your assignment isn’t until tomorrow. Wake up and wash your face. We have a long day ahead.



5 Responses to “Birth of Jesus (Part II)”

  1. 1 aswak July 14, 2007 at 11:56 am

    man, you are still living in the baggage of history…

    Jesus christ was in Tibet from teh age of 13 to 29….

    It was from here that he learnt and later spread the philosophical ideas …

    Use your brains man

  2. 2 NAyK July 14, 2007 at 2:02 pm

    To aswak: How, without the “baggage of history”, have you surmised that Jesus was in Tibet from the precise age of 13-29? Especially since you have just made a historical “claim”.

    The skit posted above is ahistorical, ie. pseudo-spatial, about angels, in fiction/non-fiction realm, so I wonder who really is “still living the baggage of history” you or me?

  3. 3 gideon_96 December 25, 2008 at 3:26 am

    And what religion believes that God lived in Tibet?

  4. 4 gideon_96 December 25, 2008 at 3:26 am

    I mean Jesus, not God.

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