What is a “Christian” wallpaper? Well… you and I know that wallpapers can’t really be Christian… in the sense that only people are “Christian”… even though all good things belong to the Lord… still “Christian wallpapers” is something that I find meaningful as a Christian… and something I like to remind myself of God and His love/work for me. I’m sure others are looking for the same thing too. So I’m beginning my own sub collection of usually original work… I hope it doesn’t offend… it is meant for the Christian audience… and not meant to hurt the sentiments of any other community… even my own! :) Also, forgive me for the corny lines… if you do find them corny… but that’s my justification for calling this “christian”. We are a verbose community, aren’t we!!! ??? :) And forgive me when I don’t include corny lines (verses)… even that sometimes needs forgiveness! :) Well here we go…

Resolution? Most wallpapers are set for 1024/768px resolution. If you want something else… you can ask me, but whether I have time or not… I may or may not be able to do something different.

How to download? Just click the picture, and the enlarged image will appear. Then right click, save as, and you’re done.

Here we go…

Number 10: Prayer

Number 9: The Cross >>> This is a photo of the SAIACS dome, for those who are interested. But it works as something pretty generic as well.

Number 8: The Indian Tent Series >>> The Indian tent, or the Shamiyana, is something used for many occassions. From engagements, to weddings, to commencements (graduations), to religious festivals, to even, as in this case, a funeral!

India Tent # 01

India Tent # 02

India Tent # 03

India Tent # 04

Number 7: White Tiger >>> No, being white has nothing linked to being a Christian!!! But still, here’s another creation of our Lord’s!


Number 6: White Peacock >>> This is an amazing creature. I was quite taken back that it existed… even if it is trapped in a zoo! :(


Number 5: A Porcupine >>> When you see it up close, a porcupine is actually quite huge!


Number 4: SAIACS at Dawn: Here’s another picture that doesn’t need a in-picture caption (ie verse or something). But just to let the viewers know that it was taken at sunrise (that’s the dawn) at a college called SAIACS.


Number 3: TREES THAT CLAP — This photo captures the sunrise through the winter trees. And no, they do not look still… in real life these trees, even without leaves, are vibrant, alive and … if I can say it… rejoicing!!!


Number 2: THE CROSS AMONG TREES — No need for “text” or verses in this one… I think the cross between trees is pretty stimulating… negatively or positively… I think positively.


Number 1: THE LAMP – This image was taken before the lights came on (in the place where I live) but it sort of reminded me of how human lights are not enough to see the world.



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