A day with Google plus: ideas

I had an interesting time experimenting with Google Plus the other day. Basically, I decided to post any significant thought I was having, something like twitter for thoughts. I wanted to see what I would say if I maintained a roughly two-hour posting cycle. Meaning, every two hours I would post some thoughts on G+.

I took the dialogue approach… exploring theological thinking that could generate discussion and further reflection. This allowed me to condense any thought into a conversation idea. I found that I was very aware of what I was posting… and the idea that I had to choose the perspective from which I was reflecting was also quite important.

One thought, for instance, was about the need to be people centred while also being institution centred. The other was about cricket… and the idea of how failure of teams affects personal feelings of failure. This led me to further express the ideas that I have been having for a theology of sport.

It was interesting to see the desire to create a “byte” out of my random thoughts through the day… and interestingly, there were so many. Each of those thoughts… if thought through and presented well… could emerge as a blogpost… or even as an article.

Hence… it showed how ideas were not the problem. And places like Google+ were great places to express burgeoning ideas.

However… what happens to the 1000s of ideas that fester. Mostly they evaporate… without a trace. Other times, I have found myself wanting to start something, but not having the will to continue with it. I have, of late, become more cautious with exploring ideas for that very fear… fear of leaving things unfinished.

I am left with the feeling of “what next”… should I think about generating such ideas… or more specifically… keep publicizing them… or should i just focus on 1 or 2 ideas and develop them?

Fact is, I remain without direction… and like many unfinished projects… this thought will remain without conclusion… and my google plus craze… will remain a phase… until I get back to experiencing and living without formulating, combined with systematically articulating and communicating.



1 Response to “A day with Google plus: ideas”

  1. 1 sangangela March 3, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Uff you and google plus lol :)

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