Tortuous Convolvulus almost got to me

I just read something written by a person I know, about people I know. It was a public statement that was filled with generalities, and yet was incite-ful (not insightful) because there was nothing specific being mentioned, but a overarching judgement of people involved in certain events.

My blood “boiled” as I stood to defend many of my friends who could be unfairly implicated by such a harsh critique. And yet, after thinking about it, I realised that it was so general that the person was simply taking potshots at people; and if those people confronted him, he could defend himself by saying that it was not what he intended.

Such kind of writing can only do damage (even as it did to me in my past), and I realised that the best thing to do was to ignore it. Or even laugh at it.

I even felt that it was probably an expression of insecurity and anger, couched in self-righteousness, ie. the person speaking was probably thinking he could see the big picture, but was blind to his own faults.

Anyway… I found it difficult to laugh at the situation,  nor did I feel I should directly address the situation to him. But what helped me was to remember Tortuous Convolvulus, the character from “Asterix and the Roman Agent.” I suddenly found that while that person writing is probably good-natured, and thinks he has good intentions, he was functioning like Tortuous Convolvulus, and seen in that light, the event fit the bill.

The following text is quoted from a brief statement about the character: Tortuous Convolvulus

  • What it means: Tortuous (devious/twisted) Convolvulus (twining plants)
  • About: Tortuous Convolvulus seems to weed his way out of everything – having the ability to make others argue – for causing trouble he was to be eaten by the Lions, but the lions ended up eating each other! This brings him to the attention of Julius Caesar who sends him to the Gaulish Village, hoping Convolvulus will be able to weave his green-eyed magic there!

After seeing what that person wrote in this way, I was able to find some humour, and some release. Hopefully those words he spoke will be unread, or at least quickly forgotten.


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