The Problem of Theology (today)

The problem with theology is the danger of approaching the inquiry of truth, even God himself, with preconceived notions. It’s almost as if everyone today is so confirmed about what they believe that if the Bible suggests anything else, then that biblical reading must be wrong! This extends beyond scriptural reading to actual discussions, where the discussions are based around more discussions. There is talk about talk, where there is a discussion about theologians, and what they say about truth, rather than with an attempt to engage directly with truth.

Of course we depend on knowledge, on traditional knowledge, yet the nature of discussion today seems to be a confirmation or discussion about what others say, or should say, rather than an actual discussion of truth of God.

The alternative is as simple as to genuinely ask: What does God say? Who is God? What is his plan for us? Clearly such fundamental questions cannot be answered adequately without an adequate knowledge of God, through the Holy Spirit Himself.

Yet, instead, the discussions of these questions in current theology are devoid of the actual encounter with God (how many classes have we sat in without prayer, confession, worship), and instead we study words about those who speak words about God. Our knowledge is judged by how we conform to accepted knowledge.

The only way out, I think, is if there is a regular attempt to understand God’s word, more importantly, an intentional attempt to meet God and seek what he wants. What are His desires. (and we not decide for him). Allow ourselves to question our pre-understandings about God… and yet have the faith in God. Thus, not become sceptics, but becoming disciples who ask questions that we really want answered. And our goal is not to know more, but to follow better.


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