Journey with Jeremiah: Quiet Time Reflections – 1

Recently I have started reading Jeremiah for my quiet time. I actually felt God wanted me to read it, considering there were so many “signs”. However I must confess that I was feeling so much guilt that I wanted a book that would judge me.

But there was one prayer I prayed just before I started, and I think it was an appropriate start to this book.

I admitted to God that I found the Bible difficult to understand, and even God difficult to relate to on a personal level. And I prayed that if God was really speaking through his word, then I wanted to experience God’s love through a difficult-to-read book like Jeremiah. I mean, it’s easy to see God’s love and God speaking through Philippians etc. But what about Jeremiah. Did God really speak, can God really speak, through this book? I really wanted God to, and I didn’t want to take the easy way out. So here I was, reading.

But the first few chapters were difficult. I found myself straying, and not able to remember what I read the previous day.

The theme that I remembered was that God was judging Judah, but the nuances of the message (if any) escaped me.

But then I had an idea. I would mark my bible, underlining any verse I found significant, write (on the bible) any idea I got. (I know, I know, most people do this anyway, but of late I have been just reading the Bible and not marking). So starting from Chapter 4, I think, I started marking anything/everything I found remarkable.

And suddenly, as I started reading the Bible like an academic book, (to study it), the book became alive. I was able to see connections, symbolisms, multiple themes. It was wonderful, and I found myself not only understanding, but wanting to read more.

No longer was Jeremiah a painful to read book, but it was alive/fresh with God’s love/concern for his people.

And so now it is no turning back. My Jeremiah Journey will definitely involve a much closer look at the text. That’s what I have been trained to do, and strangely, that’s what I enjoy doing.

Hopefully, in this process, (and I’ve finished till chapter 10 I think), I will understand God more clearly… and learn to experience his love more deeply.


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