Death of Praise and Worship? (article watch)

praiseThe following are excerpts of interesting articles on praise and worship today, which even though primarily from a non-Indian perspective, still deals with issues close to my heart. Follow the links below to read the whole thing (and also read the comments, they are quite helpful as well.

I have witnessed the death of praise and worship twice now. Once in the 80s and more recently around four years ago. The first time around, there was an explosion of authentic “scripture songs” in the 70s that were central to the rise of the charismatic movement. Since this was the first contemporary praise music, no one had taught courses on “how” to create a worship song. Most of the songs were taken straight from the scriptures. In the late 70s/early 80s, contemporary Christian music (CCM) came along as well. At first it seemed a match made in heaven. Not only did you have juggernauts like Keith Green tearing it up – inside every Petra, Evie, Amy Grant, Allies, and Russ Taff album there were scriptures listed to “support” each song’s message…

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The other article called “New Song and American Idol(atry)”

…But what does the Bible really say about “new songs”? In the Old Testament, “new song” was “always an expression of praise for God’s victory over the enemy, which sometimes included thanksgiving for his work of creation.1 In Exodus 15:1, Moses sang a new song of praise to God because God saved Israel from Egypt. In Psalm 40:3, David wrote a new song because God heard his cry for help. Psalm 33:3, 96:1, 98:1 and Isaiah 42:10 command God’s people to praise him for his marvelous works in creation and salvation, while Psalm 144:9 and 149:1 tell people to sing a new song because of God’s victory over his enemies…

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