10 reasons why ‘Wolverine: X-Men Origins’ is boring

(spoiler alert)

1. Many scenes feels forced and unnecessary. For instance, what’s the point of having a father not be your real father. What’s the real problem/dilemma in that?Also, the fight scene with that card guy is totally unnecessary. In fact that card-guy is totally unnecessary.

2. The action scenes are few and far between. There is neither adequate plot development nor is there an overdose of action… just a sort of inbetween phase.

3. It is too sanitized. Wolverine rarely gets dirty… looks well-trimmed and proper… even in all action scenes.

4. The love interest comes too late… and then concludes extremely abruptly.Also, the ‘wolverine’ name story is really cheesy and out of place.

5. The memory loss scene in the end leaves the audience hanging in the wrong way… nothing like a fitting climax or catch phrase or memorable event that would make us connect to the future movies or understand the past.

6. The x-men mutants are poorly developed… not enough time is spent on seeing mutants and their powers. Especially the children mutants are left too vague. Couldn’t even tell them apart.

7. The final battle is against a miniature version of Frankenstein. If it was intentional… it’s all the more pathetic. They messed up that mutant entirely.

8. The brother-brother scenes are not moving in conflict or resolve. We don’t feel the connection between the two… it’s more of a cliche.

9. The idea of ‘choice’ (for Wolverine) is not fully or even interestingly explored.

10. The best liners only generate a smirk or a chuckle. (“do something for your country” “No, I’m canadian” etc.).


3 Responses to “10 reasons why ‘Wolverine: X-Men Origins’ is boring”

  1. 1 EGG May 3, 2009 at 10:48 am

    1. Card guy? wtf Card guy. His name is Gambit. Do you know anything about X-men asides from the movies? With calling him card guy I’d say hell no. Like really my only complaint with Gambit is he had far to few scenes and should have been in the other movies.

    2. I find this to be untrue. The plot was way askew from the comics but there was plenty of it. Like the memory loss. That’s not at all how it happened.

    3. yes and no. I completely agree on the dirt part. especially when he was a lumber jack. but his hair was rough un combed and facial hair was gruff.

    4. nah well placed in. But she’s supposed to be native. Hence the native story of the two lovers she tells. And her death is supposed to bring the animal out of wolverine and out for revenge. Which is why he joins up with striker in the first place not from jail.

    5. As stated not how he lost his memory. I hated this scene.

    6. Ya. but the story wasn’t about the kids. it was about the origins of wolverine. hence the title.

    7. Deadpool. If you’re going to say you hate the movie. Pick up some comics. This way you can figure out if it’s to the comics or not. This was not however. Minus wolverines healing factor. They did splice that into Deadpool to cure hime of cancer. Which turned him insane. The way he looks was intentional. Cause he has no lips or eyelids in the comics. And same in the movie. But they did screw him up. but not for the reasons you think. Also there’s an alternate comic line where wolverine is put through a process that after the adenmantium implant he was also implanted with a control chip. the way deadpool was in this movie.

    8. Things are clichè because we’ve seen them a million times. this is a classic storyline. Of course it will be clichè. Saber tooth is wolverines greatest enemy. And the hatred seen here was amazing.

    9. What do you mean by choice? this statement is confusing. and feels like you made something up just to have a list of 10.

    10. The line was. “Your country needs you”. The funny part to his response is that in the comics. Striker is a branch of the canadian military. and the x-force is a secret canadian strike team. The movies make it american.

    • 2 NAyK May 4, 2009 at 4:55 pm

      To EGG: hey thanks for taking the time to respond to my ‘drivel’ (which was written late in the night). I do admit I know nothing about the X-Men universe except for the movies. I can understand how you feel, because that’s how I feel about the Lord of the Rings. The movie upsets me too much. Nevertheless, this X-Men movie was really a ho-hum movie experience for me (unlike the previous X-men films which I really liked). And I guess, if I was involved in the x-men world, then i would have appreciated or been more involved. So responding to your reponse…

      1. Gambit? Ok, sorry. Whatever. you are right that he had too few scenes. And that’s the point. He was so insignificant for the movie terms… because Gambit doesn’t really have a secret way of getting into the “island” he just knows where it is and knows how to fly a plan. Come-on, for plot purposes it could have easily been done without a Gambit character. See in contrast, The Rock, which uses a specialist escapee to bring a team back into the prison.
      2. I feel it’s more a matter of preference. I’m really looking forward to Terminator Salvation, which I think will really be more ‘action’ than this. And in terms of an origin ‘plot’ development, I prefered Iron Man from last year.
      3. hahahah, about the gruffy beard. Ya, ok! :)
      4. Honestly, from the trailers it was evident she was going to ‘die’. So I thought she was an extra being used to dump off. then, when she returned, I was like “huh”? Why didn’t they develop her character more. I don’t know how, though, but just she appears too suddenly… maybe Wolverine should have been showed as ‘meeting’ her, perhaps? Plus, her captive sister as motivation? Well… that felt forced too. Just didn’t feel any connection … and also when the sister was released, it was like… ok… hug… get on with it (compared to the pathos of waiting years and years for release?).
      5. yes, me too.
      6. I can’t understand how you justify gambit in 1. and yet defend the lack of presence of the kids here. Character development is essential for the audience to be able to relate. The ‘release’ scene felt like Wall-e, where wall-e accidently saves the robot prisoners… who we don’t get to know as well… as you can see, not a good comparison.
      7. OK. here’s where knowledge of the comics may have helped. But that Ryan renolds? character is more of a comic actor, and transforming him into a scary menace… just looked like a wrong casting direction. In contrast, check out terminator (1)’s transformation of arnold… from human form to robot. Come’on admit it. Now THAAAT was scary!!!
      8. Brother – brother conflicts can rise above cliche’s… though you’re right, it’s quite rare. I think the best example comes to mind is… nope, can’t think of any. You liked it. I just found it irritating. I guess I didn’t like the actor who plays Saber Tooth.
      9. Choice… is what the girl tells Wolverine has… between animal and man. And also what the old man tells wolverine before getting killed. Both ideas of ‘choice’ were not really a crisis of choice… except for the fact that Wolverine did not kill his brother. But everywhere else he was acting out of instinct. You may call that the definitive choice… I feel it was expected that he would not kill his brother. I think it could have been better done if Wolverine was depicted MORE as an animal… more uncontrolled… more vicious… and yet… struggling to be good… as well. Something like a good version of the Joker. Then we’d really see a contrast and a choice needing to be made.
      10. Finally, that’s funny. (about the history). I didn’t know that. Interestingly, I saw this movie in Canada. And in the theatre, no one laughed!

  2. 3 Charlotte August 3, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Terrible movie. So boring.

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