Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: Review

rab_ne_bana_di_jodiI must first of all admit that I am NOT a Shah Rukh fan, and I get irritated seeing him on screen. With that out of the way, I must say this “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is a surprisingly good movie. Yes, it’s filmy. And yes, it’s got a few make-you-cringe moments (especially some of the songs), but it really is a good movie. A very mature take of a filmy relationship.

Why I say “filmy relationship” is that the characters portrayed are somewhat stereotypical… we’ve seen them before (and yes, Shah Rukh Khan plays it down, but he can’t escape being Shah Rukh Khan). And yet, we’re still in for a movie-treat. Director Aditya Chopra does a good job in transcending expectations and literally does “something different”. I must say that I was surprised at certain times and also cared about the way the movie would end. And yes, I was happy with how it ended.

I best liked the fact that most of the movie was earthy and simple. Of course the Haveli in which Shah Rukh can lives is so obviously a film set, (it even resembles the out-of-character house in Swades). But regardless, the streets, the mood, are pretty level-headed (and not too glossy). Of course the dance class scenes have their loud and over-done nature, but what to do… the film is not perfect.

I also liked the new girl… what’shername?… (off to wikipedia… ah yes, Anushka Sharma)… who was portrayed realistically… and not too ‘beautifully’ (ie. there were not too many closeups and slowmotions). Again, very nicely portrayed. For instance, she has a very clear “Indian” accent while speaking English. Refreshing!

It was also nice to see that there were not too many characters. Ie. no kiron kher, anupam kher… no parents, no crazy aunt/uncle, no relatives, no cute yet irritating children (except in a song) this is really a biggie for Indian cinema… a big step up.

And finally the plot is really there. While there are moments (like the unnecessary Dhoom scene) where the plot is given less importance to the visual effect… still the overall story is told with determination. Not too much here or there. I even liked the final “message” of the film (the moral, if you will). Though the idea of loving a person more than God is a theme that doesn’t really fit my “theology” (but who cares, right?) :)

So yes, I liked the movie. Really liked it. And would recommend it. Even if you’re not a Shah Rukh Khan fan! :)


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