Best sports movies of all time (well, in my time!)

I had heard someone say that Field of Dreams is the best sports film ever. I just finished seeing it (yes today), and I must say that it was not as I expected, and quite a good movie. But no, not the best sports movie ever. So, what is the best? The following is my quick compilation of my personal favourite sports movies. Obviously, my list will betray my age… as I haven’t seen some of the older sports movies… but from the recent to not-so-recent crop, here’s the list in the order according to sports.


Now I know it is in Hindi and I know that it’s not perfect (the “foreign” love element eeks), but as a sports film I must say that this is by far the most enjoyable sports film I have ever watched. Plus, it deals with my favourite sport… so all the better.


Chariots of Fire
A heart-warmer and more… this classic redefines athletics and makes you want to run… and believe!

Cool Runnings
OK, call me shallow, but this comedy is sensational. Does it make me think? No. But laugh, yes, oh yes!


Coach Carter
Recent favourite… love the school-teacher sports genre mix.

The Air Up There
Old, campy, and memorable

White Men Can’t Jump
Where is Wesley Snipes these days?


Remember the Titans
Denzel Washington, in racial times

Jerry McGuire
Tom Cruise in not so racial times… actually this movie was quite slow and yet engaging as well… I love the (spoiler) positive ending though (end of spoiler)


Ice Hockey, actually

Chak De India
Unlike Lagaan, this movie about not-ice-hockey is supposedly more high-tech and yet features terrible sporting action. Nevertheless, it keeps the emotions running high, till the last shot.


Rocky 5
I would say that Rocky 5 is the best of the Rocky’s; it’s the one the real pathos is captured.

Well, this is a classic.

Rocky 4
I must say that this is like Return of the Jedi… plain old bash-em-up fun.


For the Love of the Game
What’s with Kevin Costner and sports movies. He’s probably done the most of them (not counting Stallone’s Rocky’s). But I think this movie was better than Field of Dreams… in terms of being more fun. I enjoyed the narrative technique, too.

The Rookie
A little slow, but still engaging (it’s pace feels like Field of Dreams). Yet I liked this better than Field of Dreams because Field of Dreams glorifies baseball, while this movie focuses on the person.  I don’t particularly care for Baseball, but I can sure identify with the themes in the Rookie.


Shaolin Soccer
In comparison to Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer is pedestrian and even cheap. Yet, as a sports movie, what better combination than Kung Fu with Soccer!!!

It’s low budget, but it’s not that bad. (at least the first one. The second one is not that great, hopefully the third will be ok).

The Cup
A simple story about Buddhist monks who want to watch the Soccer World Cup


Horse Racing

Tin Cup/Happy Gilmore
Two different genres, yet both on Golf

On… well… yes… The Wimbeldon

Nacho Libre
Wrestling… with Jack Black… enough said.


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  1. 1 Letter Tray : November 1, 2010 at 7:58 am

    denzel washington is of course a very good actor and i think that he should have lifetime achievement award too ;;

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