More religious violence in India; or is that the real story?

Recently, a few Hindu priests were killed in Orrisa (India) by Naxalites/Maoists (an armed and powerful resistance force following largely Marxian-anti-religious ideology). In retaliation, many Hindu groups especially the VHP, declared state-wide “bandhs” in protest and also attacked Churches etc. In the process they ended up setting a Christian run orphanage ablaze which resulted in a  woman being burned to death and a Christian ‘priest’ being badly wounded. What is the connection between the Naxal act and attacking Christian organisations, God only knows. But the following is my comment.

It’s ironic that instead of attacking Naxalites, who killed the Hindu priests (and of whom they are probably afraid of anyway), the VHP etc are attacking Christians.

Any excuse to take out violence on them!

It’s ironic because this is the very thing that the VHP etc use to attack Christians by alleging that they are forcefully converting… and attack any Christian establishment with that excuse without actually checking facts. But that’s ok. History repeats itself.

When Hitler wanted to divert attention from problems facing Germany, he blamed the Jews for all the problems facing Germany. that led to the Holocaust where over 6 million Jews were killed.

Any excuse… to divert from real issues… any excuse!


5 Responses to “More religious violence in India; or is that the real story?”

  1. 1 Manoj Gandhi August 25, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    It was not a priest who was killed in Orissa. It was Lakshmananda Swami who had been working against the deceptive and cooercive conversion tactics of Christian missionaries, fueled by foreign evangelical funding, in the tribal area of Orissa.

    The police have arrested Pradesh Kumar Das, an employee of World Vision, a Christian Charity, from Khadagpur while he was trying to escape from the district at Buguda. In another drive, two other persons Vikram Digal and William Digal have been arrested from the house of Lal Digal, a local militant Christian, from Nuasahi at Gunjibadi, Nuagaan. They have admitted to having joined a group of 28 other assailants who are implicated in the death of Swamiji.

    Naxalites in Orissa and other places are fronts and mercenaries for Christian conversionaries whose mission is to evangelize India through violence and deception.

    So it is missionary violence that is at the root of the problem in Orissa. The Christian conversion machine is out to foment violence and kill Hindus who are working for the welfare of dalits. Mr. Nayk ‘s attempt to blame Hindus for these atrocities is not borne out by the facts.

  2. 2 NAyK August 25, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    To Manoj Gandhi: Omigosh! such depth of knowledge coming from you, sir. I apologise. Of course you were revealed when you claimed to know the ins and outs of Naxalism when you say they are simply “fronts and mercenaries for Christian conversions” considering that Naxals have been known to attack Christians in Andhra. Great work, in spreading the “correct” information.

    Note, however, that I am not blaming Hindus… but groups claiming to be Hindu. And perhaps you come from them, perhaps not. That’s not my concern. But perhaps you should be careful to make misjudged allegations about my supposed allegations.

    Anyway, my concern in my post was to highlight MISINFORMATION that leads to violence… and I think you have justified exactly what I’m trying to say. Just because a so-called christian… in your eyes… was involved in arson… you claim people have the right to kill people from that supposed community? Well… that’s exactly the kind of logic that has been burning our country for centuries. So thanks for that insight…

    …and I must now truly say that I am appalled, but not surprised, but your apathy and justification of violence.

    God help my land India!

  3. 3 Avatar August 29, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    “When Hitler wanted to divert attention from problems facing Germany, he blamed the Jews for all the problems facing Germany. that led to the Holocaust where over 6 million Jews were killed”

    what do you mean by this? by this example are you pointing out the features of fascists ? or are you equating hindu VHP with christian Hitler?
    Whatever it is . That was a bit too much exagarration.
    One such exagarration is : “If we don’t stop aggressive proselytization of Hindus by christians , India would become like philippines where the majority are now christians and where the culture was destroyed” .

    Naxals in Andhra ?? . That was your example.
    But what about my example ? NLFT in Tripura.

  4. 4 NAyK August 29, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Avatar… I don’t know if you’re aware that Veer Savarkar the father of modern Hindutva (according to some) was quite influenced by Nazi Fundamentalism. His book points to that. But that’s not the point of my post.

    I don’t believe what I’ve written is an an exageration. Obviously one death does not equate to 6 million, but one attitude does equate with another. To blame one community for the ills of a nation; is clearly the way the hide from central issues… and here is just one example. In history and modern times almost everyone who is powerful does this. America and UK do it with Islam… saying if “we don’t do something, Islam will… something or the other”. The Israelies do that with the Palestinians… and the Middle Nations do it to Israel and the west… so on and so forth. It’s the same attitude… powerful people blame others to divert attention from central problems facing their nation. In fact, India and to a greater extent Pakistan… does that with each other as well.

    You rightly point to the inverse exaggeration where you quote: “If we don’t stop aggressive proselytization of Hindus by christians , India would become like philippines where the majority are now christians and where the culture was destroyed” .

    That’s is an ignorant statement because it is spoken without understanding the history of Philippines, as if to suggest that Philippines is like India. Philippines become ‘Christian’ (whatever that means) starting with colonial (Spanish) rule and then dependence on America which got it its freedom. India on the other hand did not accept Christianity that universally during the Colonial period and just cannot be compared to the spread of Christianity in Phiilippines… (more history of PHilippines can be found on the internet) When someone believes that statement… it sparks of a huge bias

    That is reflected further in “aggressive proselytization” the reason for the spread of christianity… stating an inverse tautology… where both aggressive and proselytization are wrong. Of course they are wrong. Always. But that’s not the only activity Christians are involved in… but the leaders of RSS/VHP… would like us to believe that it is all that Christians do.

    (In my view, mission does not mean force at all… mission is doing what God wants you to do… participating in God’s plan for the entire earth… making it a better place… following the example of Jesus. That’s Christian mission. But that’s besides the point again.)

    But I still hold to my linkage… of the violent attitude with a reminder of Hitler… not just because Veer Savarkar admired the Nazis… but because of the attitude of community violence… to attack one community has been done for a long time in history and modern times, most famously in 1984 Anti-Sikh riots!!!

    As if all the Sikhs killed Indira Gandhi! Even if there were heavy terrorist factions in Punjab at that time… still… the amount of innocent lives lost… through brutal means… was just an indication of how one problem… Congress ineptitude for instance… poverty for instance… corruption for instance… were all forgotten for a inhuman war against someone weak.

    That’s exactly what Hitler did in the largest scale publicly known against the Jews… it’s what Christians (whatever that means)… did to other Christians as well… and that’s what the VHP is doing in Orissa… so it’s no exaggeration of attitude in my point of view.

  5. 5 Avatar September 8, 2008 at 12:21 am

    Hi Nayk,
    Off the post.
    I would like you to answer this question ?

    * What is peace? *

    of course you have frredom to say a big big ‘NO’ to evade that question, if you have no time to answer it .

    I’m asking it because I really don’t know the meaning of it.

    Thank you.

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