Violence by Christians is always wrong! And no there is no such thing as “just violence”

Just today I saw a news report about how some Christians “ransacked” a newspaper office after a derogatory image of Jesus was published. Reportedly, a newspaper owned by the unofficially Christian son of the chief ministry, carried a picture of Jesus holding a beer mug and a cigarette. The news story goes on to say that Christians “they barged into the offices and ransacked the furniture.”

It was shocking to read that now Christians have resorted to this kind of madness, usually seen and associated with Hindu fundamentalism.

I don’t care what the problem was, even though it is wrong to present ‘religious’ figures (in such an emotionally charged atmospheres) negatively. However, it was, is and will be entirely wrong on the part of Christians to respond to such misrepresentation using violence.

I feel the “Christians” involved must even be put behind bars as an example to all communities and parties involved in violence. These people are not fighting for Christ, they are clearly fighting for themselves and Indian Christianity must distance itself urgently from such events.

This also reminds me of how one lecturer from UTC, Bangalore thought it wise to explore the idea of “Just Violence,” saying that there may be a place for that. It was perhaps equally shocking because here was an intelligent man who was saying things he had no idea about; at no point in history has violence ever solved anything. It has only led to more blood-shed.

The last act of bloodshed a Christian can accept was the blood of Christ shed on the cross; after that event, it is the Christian who bear the cross, and can never legitimately crucify others.

There is no such thing as Christian “just violence;” no such thing as a Christian jihad. Whether Christians are in majority or minority… they have no legitimacy from their religion/faith… to follow the path of violence. (ps. destroying Muslim middle east in the name of God is WRONG)

Gandhi’s Satyagraha was inspired by Christ. Why are fewer Christians inspired by Christ in this regard?

I am upset and angry about this act… and I believe feelings of anger are not wrong because we are not called to be passive vegetables. However, to express that upset-ness and anger through violence or hooliganism is uncalled for, a corruption of the Christian faith.

Please, please, please… stop this madness!

To see the image in a blog that calls for Christian reaction, see here.


3 Responses to “Violence by Christians is always wrong! And no there is no such thing as “just violence””

  1. 1 Avatar August 29, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    “It was shocking to read that now Christians have resorted to this kind of madness, usually seen and associated with Hindu fundamentalism.”

    I mean i actually didn’t get the point . were you talking about christians in general or Indian christians in particular. If that is christians in general then I would definitely ridicule the statement.

    Also on an another note. Christ has bee ONE OF THE inspirations of Gandhi. :)

  2. 2 NAyK August 29, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    To Avatar: You’re right… I do not intend to mean that ‘Christians’ whatever that means… have never indulged in violence. Violence existed before Christianity, during Christianity and probably after Christianity as well. So perhaps I mean Indian Christians… but still I argue that it is ALWAYS WRONG TO USE VIOLENCE… BY CHRISTIANS… because of Jesus Christ. That’s my point.

    Yes, Gandhi was influenced by many sources… but one of his strongest self-confessed sources for his Ahimsa was Jesus. But that’s just him. It doesn’t make Jesus right, or Gandhi right. I just “believe” violence is always wrong… and I side with Jesus… and Gandhi here.

  1. 1 Remmrit Bookmarking Trackback on August 9, 2008 at 7:00 pm

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