“Pink City Turns Red” and other sensationalist headlines about Jaipur blasts

Tomorrow’s headlines will feature huge-catchy-sensationalist headlines (like the one above) informing the Indian public that there were multiple bomb blasts in Jaipur. There will be death tolls, gruesome photographs, suspects, complaints about how the government is not doing enough, possibly international outrage and the quest to fight against terror, possibly some Islamic voices decrying the event saying that Islam is not about violence, possibly some Hindu reactions against the violence and wrongfully targeting minority (read Muslim) communities. There may also be many organisations, both Christian and secular, wanting to help… and suspected if they do help (ie. are you trying to convert etc). There will be red-alerts in various cities. There may be a few arrests. But certainly, after a few days, this headline will cease to be important and we’ll move on to the next big thing… perhaps even the IPL finals!

Personally, I have a special bond with Jaipur, so this event does matter to me. Earlier when I had reported about how one Christian pastor was targeted, it also affected me because I knew the pastor who was targetting personally. I’m thankful that my own grandmother and father (who are in Jaipur) are safe, and yet… the city is certainly a city I love and recognise. And it is certainly shocking and horrifying what happened… and what led to this horror.

And yet, I must say, that to sensationalise terror, for news for a few days, for criticising governments, for putting down minority communities, feels wrong. Grossly wrong. There is pain, struggle, violence… and we must fight against the things that bring evil in our midst.

But there is a pattern emerging about how communities and governments respond to what is now termed as “terrorist” violence… it is familiar, and extremely political. And everyone seems to be wanting to get a few points ahead with the crisis.

I would rather that people, even the people who were most affected, will support each other, that we will work together to erase enmity amongst ourselves and not give into anti-community, anti-government rhetoric. Perhaps, something what Mumbai is known for… bouncing back as a community… together (Mumbai is probably the best example of positive community resurgence. Gujarat is probably the worst!). Hopefully, Jaipur, my city, will be able to bounce back fast… and well.

May God bring peace and comfort to the afflicted.


1 Response to ““Pink City Turns Red” and other sensationalist headlines about Jaipur blasts”

  1. 1 Arpit May 14, 2008 at 11:54 am

    It’s indeed a sad state of affairs the way our media treats the incident as a mere method of increasing their TRP’s.
    I don’t hope things to change sooner or later but I just convey my condolences to those who became a casualty to this cowardly act!

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