Eeeks! Bangalore lost again

There’s nothing (overtly) theological about this post… but still… today Bangalore lost it’s IPL encounter with Punjab and is almost effectively ousted from the tournament (ie. no semi-final berth for Bangalore).

Why should I bother about the fact that Bangalore (not even India) lost yet another IPL cricket game today (against Punjab).

Could it be because I’m living in Bangalore right now?

Or because I like Dravid, Kumble and co.? (I really do!)

Or is it because somehow we support underdogs? (even though they only win in fairy tales)

Whatever the reason, it’s evident that Bangalore is NOT making it to the IPL semi-finals. That shouldn’t be a surprise, actually… but still, that’s the truth, and it hurts!

Of course I wonder whether it is healthy to care about sport. After all, it’s not as if “I” or something directed to “me” is playing.

But then, why do I cheer for “India” when it’s actually a BCCI team (in international cricket) that is playing. Even if it is “India”, it isn’t actually “India” that’s playing, but a bunch of over-paid average-talent sports stars. Why should I care?

Christianity Today carried a story on sports… (American Football) and whether it is appropriate for Christians to participate in sport.

All I can say, right now, is that Sport does lead to a lot of waste of time… and it feels really bad to lose, especially that’s when the wasted time really feels wasted…

but if we win, whatever “we” is… the joy, the elation, is so great, that the time wasted doesn’t seem wasted… because it is an experience shared with a larger group of people… gives us something to talk to… feel good about… to share.

Right now, however, with Bangalore’s loss… I’ve wasted a lot of time… and there’s absolutely nothing to “share”!


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