Oh no! It’s Karnataka’s elections again

Just today on the day of elections I read a huge ad in The Hindu promoting some BJP candidate… and I suddenly saw how attractive it is to be in the opposition. If you’re not in power, you can always look good. You can make your alternative sound pleasing… and fool (yes literally fool) the people that you will actually bring about change. I know as a fact (cynicism notwithstanding) that if the candidate comes into power, none of the promises will be adequately met and the blame will go to something else, not himself!

The same excuse goes when you’re in power, like the Congress or JD(S) were. When the Congress or JD(S) were in power they would try to point away from their failings, and then point to some minor or different success… and for their failed promises they will say that they need more time. Whatever!

The BJP candidate in this context is literally “selling” dreams… promising things like fixing roads (which is now a standard for all Bangalorians), and even helping “education and health” (what does that mean!!!) along with 24 hour transparency (through helplines if you please!) to a host of other normals that should have been existent, but never fully will.

But I realised the folly of all this, when our household help told us that she’s voting for a particular party because they promised that they will give them land (what rubbish!, but that’s what she was told). When we asked her whether she actually believed that she would get land, she said probably not. But “it would be nice.”

In effect, it really looks like people will believe whatever crap is dished out to them, because of “hope”… because they hope that things will get better for their lives, even though they secretly know that things will not.

I’m not a Congress supporter, but I know they’re less worse than BJP and JD(S). But that still doesn’t make them a party worth supporting. But in this monster that we call democracy… where actually each person’s reasons for voting is not really ‘sensible’ to the next, it really brings in a lot of disillusionment.

One thing I do know… however… that because God (yes, yes, the true God) is not a God of a particular region, but of the entire world, God is not above all this. And in my belief, God is actually watching, helping, and even overseeing the entire process. I remember thinking today that God would even be waking people up, urging them to vote (perhaps).

God is not afraid of the BJP or the Congress or the JD(S) (eeks… what a choice)… but because God is in control of the overall purpose… God knows that in the end all things will turn out good. And that’s the hope I want to hold on to… that’s the promise I will latch on to.

I actually still want Congress to win… (WHY??? even when I know they are soooooo corrupt!!!… is it just because I believe they are less worse??? I guess it’s because I hate the majoritism jingoism of BJP… who do exactly what the congress did (with minoritism)… but play it more dangerously see Gujarat, Rajasthan)… and claim to represent majority while actually creating a deeper wedge in the nation… (what we need is binding not dividing… but BJP just (intentionally) tried/tries to use this divide for its advantage… only the party that breaks of of majoritism or minoritism will actually have my true respect…)

Yet, I know that even if Congress does not win, and even if BJP wins, or there’s a hung parliament… I hope that horrible JD(S) politics is something to be forgotten (remember how they left Congress and then partnered with BJP and then BJP pretended to be the hurt party when they actually assisted in the break of faith with the previous alliance… what hypocrisy!!!)…

Even then I need not fear. Because truly… Romans 8:28 and so many more places point out that it will all turn out good… for good.


2 Responses to “Oh no! It’s Karnataka’s elections again”

  1. 1 David May 10, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Christ and Culture in Paradox?

  2. 2 NAyK May 10, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    To David: Hmmm… hadn’t thought of that. And I think, certainly from where “I” am sitting, yes, I would be functioning with a Christ/Culture paradox. I exist parallel-ly with apathy/cynicism (at the culture) and hope (in our Lord). Both are related, but in a spiritual sense.

    But again, that’s my current emotional response and not an existential reality… ie. not what I think is ACTUALLY happening.

    What do I believe (theologically): I think (know?) God is more actively involved in transforming culture. Whether I believe it/(see it) or not, I think(know) that God is challenging the hearts and minds of sinners and saints alike… whether in his fold (christians) or not (non-Christian corrupt politicians). This happens especially with though sometimes despite the active participation of the Church, and more the permeation of the kingdom that is already upon us. And this is evident in hidden (often unknown ways), but always because of God’s grace in Christ.

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