…here I agree with Modi, but…

Rediff reported that Modi disagrees with minority budgeting. The quote is:

“The New 15 Point Programme that focuses on earmarking certain outlays of various developmental schemes and programmes of the government of India amongst the eligible beneficiaries, based on their minority status, should be reviewed in the interest of maintaining the social fabric of the nation,” Modi said at the National Development Council meeting in New Delhi.

“Such discrimination, amongst the eligible beneficiaries, for flow of funds based on minority status, will not help the cause if taking the people of India together on the path of development,” Modi said.

As I have always maintained on this site… I disagree with the “minority” status, and thus I too do not want budgetting on that basis. I also believe that minoritism is a political weapon that does not benefit the communities but keeps them down, while helping benefit a “minority within the minority”. I do not agree with the congress interpololation with the minority either… clearly they want votes. So, I do agree, that minority funding should be cut.


I disagree with Modi’s interpretation of what helps the social fabric of the nation. And I think that is the key. His view of what helps India means keeping Muslims (and Christians) down in their place… asserting Majority rights… clearly he seems to want to hold on to “religious identity” as primary… and it helps him because he claims to be a Hindu.  the problem is that his brand of Hinduism is not just NOT-universal to all Indians, but I believe does not help the “social fabric of the nation.”

Constructively… I think what helps the “social fabric of the nation” is pro-poor, pro-self sufficiency (including agriculture) economics and politics.  ANd I don’t see that in Modi’s programme. He tends to cater to the developmental agenda that benefits the general public (see middle class and up) while allowing the poorest/voiceless to “go down the drain”. remember Narmada and Modi’s support and inadequate sops for the affected?

Anyway… I want to assert here, for the record, that as a Christian, I do not want special attention from the government, either through funding or special political attention. I am an Indian… and that means I am part of the majority in this nation.

But I will continue to believe in my God, continue to talk about my God, and continue to oppose political drivel that comes out of Congress’s fake secularism or Modi’s brand of supposedly enlightened Hinduism!!!


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