Karnataka Politics: Please don’t idolize the BJP

Recently I was reading in rediff about how the new CM is trying to go on the fast-track to get some projects going… and how the JD(S) is questioning its motives and how the Congress is as usual furious about inconsequential issues (puja in the office, please!!!) But what was interesting was that so many people took the bait… and feel that BJP is all for development and doing good like in Gujarat. They somehow feel that Gujarat = good governance = BJP, forgetting that BJP has been leading many other states with a very very very poor development record. Ever seen Rajasthan? Remember BJP government in Uttaranchal? Also, for all those who are pro-development… they fail to ask, development for who? Some people always benefit more than others… remember Narmada (Gujarat)?

So basically, for all of you who think that BJP means clean politics, please don’t glorify them. BJP is the same party that mortaged our country within its first 11 days of power to ENRON. Remember, enron?

Anyway… basically BJP is just as bad as any other party… not worse, despite its questionable backing by anti-Indian elements (read the RSS, Sangh Parivar who aim at playing the same game as the British by dividing the nation in the guise of uniting it!!!).

But bring congress apathy and corruption into the mix, and we have an equally morally corrupt organisation that has stripped India of so much.

Then on other side we have the JD(S). Please… the worst power-mongers of them all… those who exploit their caste/community based politics to the hilt.

The answer to the conundrum? Do good. Be good. pay your taxes. Don’t throw garbage on the street. Don’t immigrate abroad. And pray that whichever evil power is running this country… pray that it does a little more good than damage!


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