The Theology of Wallpapers

Recently, a ‘friend’ was commenting in a blog criticizing the users choice of ‘bland’ and ‘unimaginative’ wallpapers and recommending that we create our own style of wallpapers for our computers. He stated, “use your imagination and truly make your PC an expression of your unique personality.”

As I see it, I too would like to use computer wallpapers etc as an expression of “unique personality” and I would allow people, even myself if I choose, to use ‘traditional’ or ‘basic patterns’ or ‘blandness’ as an expression of that “unique personality.”

It must be noted that this ‘friend’ prioritized difference/uniqueness/or exciting wallpapers as the legitimate wallpapers to use.

I would say rather people who choose “normal” / “traditional” wallpapers may in fact CHOOSE those very wallpapers as an assertion of their personality and any compromise towards manipulation of wallpapers would be counter to their unique personality.

Of course I too prioritize something, and that is CHOICE. Like “Lord Jim” (and other existential characters) we need to assert our choice to show (to ourselves at least) that we live; that we are subjective beings (not animals).

Therefore, it is OK even to stick to a default wallpaper if in fact the person CHOOSES to stick with it.

However, because too often people use default wallpapers because they are too lazy to assert their choice, or do not even know they have a choice, or even change wallpapers because their friends want them to assert their unique personality. All these options just show how we are controlled by the environment, and live like beings without choice.

Before closing, another thing remains to be said. That ‘friend’ of mine conceded that he prioritises ‘creative’ wallpapers as normative and then gave me a link to more interesting wallpapers. After seeing them I too was wow-ed and realised that sometimes we think we have asserted our choice, but sometimes that choice simply reflects ignorance of other options. I guess sometimes people CHOOSE bland/boring/mundane wallpapers because they don’t know any better. Only when we allow our horizons to be opened can we choose more freely. Choice makes choosing possible. Better options makes better choices possible.

In summary: The importance even in what wallpapers we use is choice. And this applies to computer wallpapers and life. We must also be able to stick to our choices even if others don’t like them. Of course we can dialogue with other choices, to enlarge our options, but we must not compromise to stop doing what you really want to do!

My own ‘original’ repository… still being built… is found here…

And here’s a link for getting any wallpapers that you may like and would like to adapt/adopt for your computer:


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