More comments on the ‘Walter Masih’ incident: responding to ‘The Hindu’ editorial

After reading this article:

The Hindu newspaper today carried an editorial by Siddharth Varadarajan from the perspective of the Aaj Tak TV journalist who captured the beating of Walter Masih on tape. The editorial rightly captures the sentiments that when the VHP was ‘caught’ red-handed by-passing the local law, using violence, and taking matters in their own hands, they instead started accusing the media for being part of the nexus against Hinduism. Can you believe their nerve!!!

And that’s what I was trying to talk about earlier… once you justify violence as the VHP does here, the actual issue is hidden. No one will really know who Walter Masih really was, whether he was in the right or in the wrong, or just an innocent victim caught in crossfire. But instead, he’ll be grouped together with all the missionaries of the world, especially the worst bigotted British ones, he’ll be accused of forcing conversion like ALL Christians, and if anyone says anything against this position, that person too will be demonised and accused of doing the same thing.

Wake up India! Wake up! Is this the India we are supporting? Is this the Hinduism we want?

The real problem is that a group of people… spread hate…. like the Nazis did against the Jews… they spread these lies, these hate messages, and justify it… And if you dare to expose them, or oppose them, they will turn against you.

The real problem is NOT Christianity, nor Islam, nor Christian missionaries, nor Islamic mullahs. Neither is the real problem Hinduism, nor Hindu “fundamentalists” or “nationalists”; everyone has a bit of fundamentalism and nationalism tucked within, even Hindus have the right to ideologically express themselves.

However, the real problem is that a group of people, some of them Hindus, and some who are using Hinduism and ‘religion’, are spreading hate. THEY would like the majority to believe, like the Nazis did against the Jews, that the real problem is with Muslims and Christians. They spread these lies, these hate messages, and justify it, because they will say Muslims and Christians deserve it. And if you dare to expose them, they will turn against you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hindu or an Atheist. If you think what they are doing is wrong, they will do what they can to silence/shame you or at least put you on the defensive!

If this kind of behaviour is not addressed soon, if this is not handled well, mostly by the people themselves, and I mean the common people, then more Indians will just simply assume that Muslims and/or Christians are the cause of their misery and take out their frustrations against them.

And the Governments wouldn’t care; like they didn’t in Rajasthan. Because it diverts attention from their own corruption and mismanagement. When resources are not being spent on infrastructure, agricultural development, lower-class upliftment, and instead the wealthy just get wealthier (including the government), it serves the government best when the Media and we all talk about issues like religion and conversion and ignore them. Then the government even has the opportunity of coming across as the arbitrators of justice, and can hide behind their own inadequacy.

OK. I know all this is a rant! And I must say that I am upset. But I do believe that the common man is blinded by life… we all are… and slowly the mass of darkness is spreading. And it will destroy this nation if it is not stopped.

We Indians need to understanding the Holocaust. We need to see the patterns of history. We need to see that ‘hate’ will beget more hate and ultimately death!

We need to wake up!


3 Responses to “More comments on the ‘Walter Masih’ incident: responding to ‘The Hindu’ editorial”

  1. 1 Oratg March 19, 2008 at 8:04 am

    favorited this one, bro

  2. 2 fernanda July 14, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Não entendi nada

  1. 1 Foundation for Defense of Democracies Trackback on March 14, 2015 at 9:04 pm

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