The Quest for Peace: a (biased) skit

(This skit, “The Quest for peace” was written more than a decade ago… and has many of the early Christian biases I have had against naturalism or meditation as means for peace. Basically, while I am not against ‘meditation’, or even ‘practical’ living, my main concern, even today, is to express the belief that the man’s quest for peace can not be achieved by his own strength or ability, but by the grace and work of God, as seen through what Jesus did many years ago for all humanity. Now I know this sounds strange to the person who is not a Christian, but this position is actually the foundation of my faith, life and spirituality. Please view this skit as just a light-hearted attempt of a young individual trying to express his faith in words that excited him. In this skit, I reinterpret ‘peace’ in a Christian sense, which clearly sees the battle between God and humanity, rather than a ‘feeling of peace’ or a ‘political peace’).

Narrator: Somewhere in the east, in the high mountains, an aged father bids his children good-bye.

Father: Children, it’s time for you to depart. It’s time for you to spread your wings and be free. I am too old to do what you can do, so remember what I want.
Boy1: (bows before father) Yes Father, we will not return until we find true peace.
Boy2: And when we do, we will share it with you.
Father: And what’s the lesson that I’ve taught you my child.
Boy3: (bows before father) Always keep seeking till you find true peace. Never give up. And when you find it, do not hold back. Give yourself over to it.
Father: That’s right my children. I wish you all the best. You have my blessings.
Children: Good bye father. We will return.

(They bow to each other and exit)

Narrator: The three boys went their separate ways and roamed the four corners of the world, each in search for peace. Then one day…

Man1: Hey dude! Whacha you looking for?
Boy1: Greetings good sir. I search for peace.
Man1: Hey come on, I’ll show you what I did. (takes Boy1 close) You see, all these religious fanatics will tell you that there is something spiritual in the world… something OUT there. But they’ve got it all wrong. Actually, you find real peace when you stop worrying about the OUT there. Because there isn’t an OUT there.
Boy1: (moves away, shocked) What are you saying good sir?
Man1: I’m saying, live a good life… be good to others and all that… but don’t worry about the spiritual problems. You’ll just be disappointed.
Boy1: (moves closer) So you mean the restlessness I feel inside of me is my imagination?
Man1: (quickly) Exactly, put there by society and religion, my friend. Be free from the bondage of morality and spiritual desire… and only then will you find peace. Be free. Here read this book, it’ll help.
Boy1: Thank you kind sir, thank you. (exits)

Narrator: In another corner of the globe…

(Boy2 enters and sees Man2 meditating)

Boy2: Excuse me sir… excuse me sir… excuse…
Man2: (without opening his eyes) What is it?
Boy2: Sir, I have traveled from a far away land in search for peace…
Man2: (suddenly opens his eyes and jumps up) Peace you said? Peace? (shakes Boy2 excitedly) You’ve just come to the right place. Close your eyes.
Boy2: What?
Man2: Close your eyes… see, like this (he gets into the meditation pose).
Boy2: (skeptically) Okay.
Man2: Now clear your mind of all thoughts.
Boy2: What?
Man2: Don’t think. Don’t even think about not thinking… just relax… and let the power-forces flow through you.


Boy2: Nothing’s happening.
Man2: Patience my child, patience. Try repeating a phrase… like repeat the word “Peace.” Keep saying it over and over in your mind.
Boy2: Peace peace peace peace peace
Man2: (snaps) In your mind!!!
Boy2: Sorry… (moves his head up and down with eyes tightly shut)… hey it’s working!

(Man2 and Boy2 get up)

Boy2: Thank you kind sir. (He starts to leave but suddenly shakes his hand, looks around, touches his heart, and returns) Sir, I don’t feel peace anymore.
Man2: That’s not a problem little one. It works in stages. You have to progress, attain the higher levels of meditation, incantation, etc etc etc. Only then will you have lasting peace.
Boy2: But I don’t know how I’ll do all this.
Man2: Don’t worry… the power-forces will guide you. Come with me. (Boy2 follows Man2 out. Exit)

Narrator: In yet another corner of the globe…

(Boy3 enters. From the other end Man3 enters with an extremely large smile on his face)

Man3: Hello brother, are you saved?
Boy3: Excuse me?
Man3: Are you saved… born again?
Boy3: That’s a funny question. What do you mean “born again”?
Man3: Here let me tell you a story. It all started with…
Boy3: What’s that in your hand?
Man3: (Gives it to him. Boy3 starts to read while Man3 talks) It’s a Bible. As I was saying, it all started when Adam and Eve disobeyed…
Boy3: (Shocked) Do you believe this?
Man3: What?
Boy3: That God…
Man3: (challenges, pointing his finger) If there is a God…
Boy3: Came down from heaven…
Man3: (challenges, points his finger more emphatically) If there is a heaven…
Boy3: God came down to earth as a man?
Man3: (challenges, most emphatically) If there is a man… (to himself) No, there is a man. (Scratches his head and suddenly gets back on track) Ahem, as I was saying. Man disobeyed God so he was cast out from God’s presence. You see, God is perfect and he can not tolerate…
Boy3: God became a human being???
Man3: (disgusted with Boy3) That’s a theory. That’s a theory.
Boy3: You don’t believe it?
Man3: Of course not.
Boy3: So why were you peddling this message to me?
Man3: Peddling? I was just curious whether you were born again. Are you?
Boy3: No.
Man3: Okay… nice meeting you. Bye.
Boy3: Hey wait. Tell me about this story.
Man3: (eagerly) Okay… so you see Adam and Even disobeyed God and…
Boy3: Why did God come down from heaven as a man, this Jesus?
Man3: Well it says uhhh… well something about… you know that verse… something John 6:15… no Mark 3:14… no its John 16:3… no…
Boy3: (reads and asks) Why did he come down as a baby… Why was he born in a manger? Why was he… (suddenly, shouting) PEACE!!!
Man3: (Startled by the sudden reaction) What’s wrong with you?
Boy3: It says Jesus came to bring peace on earth.
Man3: Yeah so…
Boy3: I’m looking for peace (reads on).
Man3: Peace? There’s no such thing as peace. Don’t you read the papers… about Bosnia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Japan…
Boy3: But here it says that he came to bring peace.
Man3: My point exactly. See Jesus failed… he couldn’t do what was promised. There’s no such thing as peace.
Boy3: Why did he die?
Man3: He was punished.
Boy3: For what?
Man3: Umm…
Boy3: It says in this book that he rose from the dead…
Man3: (angrily) It’s a myth, a myth
Boy3: And it also says that God forgave my sins…
Man3: Oh no…
Boy3: My sin?
Man3: Buddy, there’s no such thing as sin… it’s all a…
Boy3: MY sin?
Man3: Oh it’s no use. Have fun and keep that Bible.

(both exit in opposite directions)

Narrator: After a while, the children returned home.

Father: Welcome back my children. What have you learnt? What have you for me?
Boy1: Father I learned that there is no truth beyond what we know. And no reality beyond what we see.
Father: Son what are you saying?
Boy1: The truth father. We’re all creatures of chance… and we’ll disappear into the dust from whence we came…
Father: (Sadly) Son…
Boy1: (Suddenly cheerfully) But we must make the best of who we are… live good lives… make others happy and we’ll be in peace.
Father: (Happy at the practical wisdom of the boy) That’s good my son. What about you, dear one?
Boy2: Father I disagree with my brother to some extent. I believe that there is a power that is above all. It’s something that is available to us all… we just have to tap into it. It’s a large cosmos, and one day, through transcendental meditation, we’ll have peace forever… we’ll be one with the cosmos… (he is suddenly lost in space)
Father: Son… son… hello son? What about you my child, what have you found?
Boy3: Father, I’ve found the problem. God’s not happy with us.
Father: What?
Boy3: Father, according to this book (pointing to the Bible) we have disobeyed God and become His enemies… so there is no peace between God and humanity. Therefore, God became a man, he died on the cross, to free us from our fate of our disobedience, and as Jesus lives again, he restores the relationship between God and humanity. There is now the possibility of peace between God and humanity.
All: Peace?
Boy3: Yes, Peace that which is available for us all. It’s the peace between God and Humanity. We need no longer be God’s enemies. We can be God’s friends.
Father: Son, are you feeling okay. You’re saying the problem is in us… in me?
Boy3: Yes papa, according to the Bible that’s true.
Father: (all laugh) That’s enough my child. You must have bumped into something really hard. Do you realise what you’re saying. That God…
Boy1: (quickly) If there is a God…
Father: Became a human being…
Boy2: (in disbelief) Like us? No way! Jesus only was an example of how we should live, he wasn’t God for us to worship.
Father: And died for our (to his other children) what-did-he-call-it?
Boy1: (sarcasm) Sin!
Father: Yeah, sin. So that we might have peace… in Him? Come, come son. You must leave this behind you. I only see a path of difficulty and suffering and foolishness if you follow in this… Jesus’ footsteps. There must be some more sensible way.
Boy2: (While they’re all leaving) But pops, I think I’ve found it.
Boy1: No dad, I’ve found the way.
Father: Oh be quiet both of you. You’re both right… I think.

(All exit leaving Boy3 with his bible)



7 Responses to “The Quest for Peace: a (biased) skit”

  1. 1 Avatar May 8, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    A biased one

  2. 2 NAyK May 8, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    to avatar:

    biased? exactly. This was written over a decade ago, and reflected my own response to the (biased) messages I was being given that meditation was the answer to peace. When instead, it became, for my friends who took on meditation, another activity, that required a guru that would lead you on, higher, and higher, and higher. Some of my friends, who still continue meditation today still haven’t found this peace that they were looking for in meditation. Thus, it is a personal (hence biased) account.

    I find the redefinition of “peace”, in Christianity, interesting, because it isn’t actually the kind of peace people are looking for. People want ‘peace’ which is either political or personal… in the spiritual-political-social realm.

    But the bible depicts peace as the peace of a relationship between God and humankind… almost as if the peace is between the husband and his lover, or the father and the child. This peace was broken after a gross misconduct, and yet restored by a gross sacrifice. In that sense, Jesus is claimed to have brought “relational” peace for mankind. Very unlike the peace that people usually want.

    Hence, I believe, Jesus is not the answer to everyone’s desires for peace. He’s only the answer to the concerns/questions of those who believe that their relationship with God is blocked and want a way to restore that relationship with God.

    Most people believe that they can achieve peace by their own means by meditation, good works etc as the father and the first two sons typify. That is also justified, if it works. But for those who can’t do it on their own, I believe it is there that the Jesus way becomes helpful.

    So, yes I am biased, but if you see I’m trying not to be bias against a particular position, but I’m trying to be biased towards the possible validity of one position.

  3. 3 Akshay Marathe February 26, 2009 at 6:34 am

    Very impressive, indeed! Congratulations! You have written an excellent play!

  4. 4 Anonymous July 6, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    it was fantasticccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc.

  5. 5 sdsds August 21, 2011 at 2:33 pm


  6. 7 Anonymous January 8, 2017 at 9:08 am

    Good and nice

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