So many movies, so little time (to blog): thus quick bites

OK. I’ve actually been watching movies like crazy, but haven’t had the time to write about them. I know I’ve tried to be a non-passive watcher, but at times I just can’t help myself. Movies help me escape… and sometimes I just… well… escape.

Anyway, I have seen many movies and rather than review them all in detail, I’ll list them and see if I can write impressions about them as and when I can.

This year, since January 2007, I think, I have seen…. (comments coming)

Apocalypto: This has been one of the best movies I’ve recently seen. One of those films that leaves you with images and even feelings. I must say that I feared I’d be grossed out by the blood and gore, but somehow I survived. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined… and thankfully, none of the violence on screen was dwelt upon too long to be extra-uncomfortable. The fact that most of the characters were unknown to the western movie watching world makes the movie all the more exciting because of the stand-out performances. An excellent movie, worth watching, though if you’re faint hearted like me… close your eyes when you fear.

Millions: A british film about a boy obsessed with Saints who finds a bag with lots and lots of pounds that have to be spent or exchange (or given away) by the EURO Christmas. It’s quite a sweet film really. I enjoyed it, and was sad that so many people hadn’t heard about it. Good film for those who don’t mind story (and ideas) in film.

300: OK… call me a fanboy, I don’t care. I really really liked 300. (I liked Kill Bill and Sin City too). It wasn’t as gruesome and actually I found it ‘artistic’ (I didn’t say art). What I especially liked about it though was the narrative within the narrative. Too many people have critiqued the movie for not being true to facts. However, we see in the movie that a narrator is telling the story right through… and in those days, narrators would exaggerate anyway. And so, the movie is a narrative of a narrative… we see only a (skewed, even politcal) perspective.

Stranger than Fiction: This movie is to what’s-his-name, what ‘The Truman Show’ was to Jim Carrey. A more serious venture that plays with the ‘typecaste’.

The Painted Veil: was not great. But it was nice. I don’t like such serious movies… but for a single watch, it was ok.

The Pursuit of Happyness: honestly, I didn’t really like The Pursuit of Happyness, except perhaps for the ending. And I guess the whole movie prolongs the struggle and makes us wait for its ending. It succeeded in its purpose, but the more I think about it, Happyness is not for people looking for a fun film.

Lucky Number Slevin: I know this movie is old, but I just saw it yesterday and I must say that I was surprised about what kind of movie it was. I thought it was a ‘comedy’ or even a ‘black-comedy’ it turned out to be neither.

Dreamgirls: a fun film with a great soundtrack… but then I guess that’s the problem. For people who don’t like that kind of music, I’m sure it would just put them off.

Just my luck: Yes, there are days I want to watch chick flicks… and I was happy to have watched it on that day… and I was happy to have forgotten it on the next.

Night at the Museum: yes this movie is fun-and sometimes funny.

Open Season: is a terrible animation movie. Too loud, derivative and shallow. Enough said.

Rocky Balboa: when I first heard they were doing this movie, I thought they and Stallone was crazy. But then I imagined what kind of movie it would logically be… and that’s sort of how the movie turned out. So for me, the movie met my expectations. Didn’t embarrass Stallone or the Rocky franchise.

The Guardian: This movie was like a ‘chick-flick’ for boys. Had the usual cliches… action etc… and yet, tried to have some depth (pun unintended). I enjoyed this movie while watching it… but I just didn’t like the ending.

We are Marshall: I was looking forward to this movie for a while… and I wasn’t disappointed. I can see however, that those who don’t know about the history, nor are prepared for the premise, might find is slow and boring.

Venus: if you’re into another ‘British’ movie, that is dialogue and character driven, then this is for you. I quite liked it, but would hesitate to recommend it to people looking for a Hollywood style comedy.

Click: I actually watched this movie to see the usual Sandler support cast. Sadly, they weren’t that many there this time, or did I miss them? Anyway, this movie was better than I expected. But really, watching it once is enough.

Constantine: what’s with Keanu and his tryst with the forces of hell?

Meet the Robinsons: really disappointing animation effort. Looked so good in parts, but was so noisy and hazy in others.

Nacho Libre: a very “nice” movie. Aspects of it jar (like the song, where Jack Black sings to the camera!), but still it’s a watchable and memorable movie.

Music and Lyrics: Hugh Grant should have a genre named after him by now. Anyway… let me call this a Hugh Grant genre movie. Enjoyed it, music isn’t that great, but it works. On the whole, just about feel good.

Freedom Writers: As reviewers have suggested, this movie is gutsy, and not like (though not unlike either) other teacher-student movies.

Blood Diamond: difficult movie to watch.

Eragon: Quite a poor movie, and rumour has it they’ve even changed much of the book.

Invicibles: American Football… whoopidido!

Gridiron Gang: A better American Football movie than the above, and time-pass.

Fearless: A good action movie, enjoyed watching it… but I don’t think I’ll miss Jet Li in Martial Arts that much. He hasn’t captured my psyche.

Over The Hedge: I’m a pixar fan, but this film is quite funny and watchable. I’ll probably watch it again soon. Nowadays I look at squirrels and the first word comes to my mind is “hammy”

TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles): I liked the Turtles when I FIRST saw them, then I grew up. This helps the nostalgia, but I don’t think I can call myself a fan.

School for Scoundrels
Blades of Glory
Talladega Knights
Eklavya (Hindi)
Salam-e-Ishq (Hindi)
Ta Ra Rum Pum
Say Salaam India
Charlottes Web
Wow, this is a long list. I didn’t realise I’d seen so many. It’s almost like two-three every week!


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