The history of a CD: and a Christian rant against “minorities”

Right now, there’s a ‘anti-Muslim’ CD doing the rounds in UP. The election commission is taking strong exception to it. BJP has a scape goat, and yet refuses to apologise for its contents. Instead, it has gone in an offensive against what they called ‘secularists’ who cater to religious Hindu minorities for votes.

Now the history of this CD can be summarised as follows:

Many Hindus have been upset with the way the Congress (and similar minded) government ignored Hindu rights for decades in favour of minorities. The BJP cashed on this popular sentiment, harnessed it for votes, and even stoked violence by calling for/promoting the destruction of the Babri Masjid.

Eventually they came to power, but they disappointed. Firstly they were in a coalition so they couldn’t do everything that they wanted. But more importantly, secondly, they too realised that for India to move forward in the 21st century, money rules. So they embraced globalisation, often at the cost of its right-wing agenda.

Now, after suffering heavy losses in the previous national elections, it is trying to get back to “it’s roots”… to recapture the sentiments of the Hindus who are upset with the Congress and like-minded governments for favouring muslims over Hindus.

This is especially striking since Rahul Gandhi (son of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi) is making statements to the effect that if a “Gandhi” was in power, the Babri masjid would never have been destroyed. Surely, he too is playing to religious sentiments.

(here ends the history lesson, on to the comment).

So can we blame BJP? Can we even blame the Congress? After all, both parties are pushed to the minority by the caste-based politics in UP. Wow, what a mess!!!

Is there any hope? Well I am neither Hindu nor Muslim. So I can obviously say nothing to my fellow brothers and sisters, who believe I have no right to speak to them.

And as a Christian, I am ashamed of my own ‘community’ who uses and abuses it’s ‘minority’ title in an attempt to stay significant in India. Recently, the Tamil Nadu government offered concessions to Muslims and Christians. So why are there are no protests now? Obviously because it “helps” Christians, doesn’t it? But how quickly we forget that Tamil Nadu is the state that has been pushing the Anti Conversion bill that allows the government to make ‘all conversions’ to another faith an act of treason and malice. Man! have the religious people of India no understanding of faith; that all faith changes and/or grows???

But this tendency in Christians, to want success and safety, is I believe, directly contradictory to the spirit of Jesus Christ who was a servant to people, not a person wanting gaining political influence.

And thus, I believe Christians need to set the trend, for our Muslim and even Hindu brothers and sisters by rejecting caste-based and religion-based politics.

This is not to say that religion does not impact politics. It does, and must. Let the politician be religious. Let us continue to pray on the streets! But by trying to manipulate the passions of communities to further grab and legitimise power is sinful! And Christians must not fall into this trap.

The minority status is a sin, because as Indians, we Christians are not minorities. We along with the rest of India, are majorities. It is the foreigners who are minority, and we must treat the foreigners among us with grace, hospitality and respect. Because they are truly foreign and need our help. However, this grace we give together as Indians.

But the moment we allow ourselves to be treated as minorities, we allow ourselves to be treated as guests… as weak… as in need of protection. And certainly people need protection, and Christians, Muslims and Hindu ‘rich’ can certainly help protect/support the Christian/Muslim/Hindu ‘poor’. But is that being done? No! And it’s a shame. Instead, the rich Christian can get away with concessions while a poor Hindu cannot? What justice is that? This is a false dichotomy that we need to quickly reject.

I denounce the title ‘religious’ minority. And accept the political title of Indian. I am not one against many, but I am one among many. That is what Christian Indians must strive to be.

There will be time to talk about faith (ie. how does my Christian identity interact with other Indians of Hindu or Muslim identity). But right now, action is the key, and faith without action is dead.


1 Response to “The history of a CD: and a Christian rant against “minorities””

  1. 1 Avatar April 11, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    I agree with you in this article.
    sorry…..I’m unable to find time to reply to that ‘hunger’ article.
    I would do it sooner.
    Hope you’ll wait.

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