India’s World Cup exit and (subsequent) low self-esteem

Yes, this is a ‘theological’ discussion. As I had said earlier, where in a land ‘cricket’ is a religion, then all things about cricket gain importance (in India). Actually, more seriously, I was writing about cricket at but then, after we lost to Bangladesh, I couldn’t make myself do any more cricket writing. And so I’ve abandoned that purpose of that site (and will make it into something else). For now, though, I mean to link the world cup loss/exit to India’s lack of self-esteem. This is evident in three comments in response to China getting Intel’s $2.5 billion deal.

I remember when Tata’s etc. bought out foreign companies, that was when we Indians thought we were going to take over the world… even ‘win’ the World Cup. But now, that we’ve lost, a starker view of reality is portrayed.

I also remember that when India lost to Zimbabwe two world cups ago (in england 1999), it felt as if Mumbai was in mourning. I took the suburbun train, and usually the noisy compartment was still and quiet. No one was talking. It was shocking how badly that loss affected the Mumbai (indian) psyche. we eventually lost any hope in that world cup, because of that loss. I see a similar thing (though probably more devastating) happening now.

Anyway, the comments that I am referring to are in response to the article on the China deal found on Notice how terribly some people have taken this news, and it is even connected to cricket!

Not too much to be surprised about!
by prashant babu on Mar 26, 2007 02:48 PM
INFRASTRUCTURE, ladies n gentlemen…Unless we have that in place, all these “India shining”, “India rising” “India blah blah”, all these things; they’ll just end up as fodder for a history textbook 20 years down the line. Right now, all we pride in, is a false glory of being BIG in IT when all we are, is a Software service providing coolie country. To be anything worthwhile and to make an impact, we need to desperately develop our pathetic infrastructure.

Our government, i dont know why doesnt any good sense prevail on it, continues to turn a blind eye on all these issues. Perhaps the problem is that we Indians want to live in a constant hype over something; be it cricket, be it software, be it anything. If there isnt anything hype-worthy, we create something.We go on indulging ourselves into it so much that when the hype bursts, it does a lot of damage.
So the need of the hour is to get ourselves out of these hypes, learn some quick points from the Chinese and get our infrastructure and manufacturing industry going.
Else if the same saga continues, forget getting any bigwigs setting up plants in India, we’ll be lucky if none of the existing ones pull out!!

Big loss to India
by rajiv trivedi on Mar 26, 2007 02:48 PM
No doubt we have lost much more than loss of world cup . This loss is affecting many job opportunity ,economic development in particular development of semiconductor industry where India has not shown any growth.
It is urgent need for our leader to correct the factors which has caused this loss.

china can india
by alchemybrown on Mar 26, 2007 02:37 PM

so what’s big in it, if a small country like BANGLADESH can beat india, so what if china is ahead of us.
This is not my word but yes if u ask our leaders will say like that
Even our leaders are also like cricketers


1 Response to “India’s World Cup exit and (subsequent) low self-esteem”

  1. 1 Bangladesh July 7, 2007 at 2:13 am

    That was pretty neatly written. Its such a mess when relating to Bangladesh, isnt it ? Check out what I found out about Bangladesh Government Sites!.

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