India not in Hussey’s top four threat? Look again

So Hussey has finally gone on record and identify four great threats to Aussie World Cup chances: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and New Zealand. Rediff reports,

Batsman Mike Hussey believes four teams will be the main threats to Australia when they defend their World Cup title in the West Indies.

“I think the South Africans are obviously a very, very well drilled unit, Sri Lanka I think are going to be very dangerous, Pakistan on their day are dangerous and the Kiwis have shown that they’ve been playing some pretty consistent one-day cricket as well,” Hussey told reporters on Tuesday.

Read full story here.

So obviously for us Indians, we want to be in that list. But little do we realize, that we actually are! The two great omissions are England and India… and actually, Australia will be very wary of both, but are not admitting it. They don’t want to give England or India a boost that they are ‘afraid’ of them… and so, it’s better to just ignore them.

As a result, I feel that from the earlier list (apart from South Africa) Australia (read Hussey) is just saying the politically correct thing to go. But also is making a statement to hopefully dent the confidence of India and England… two teams who know how to beat Australia!

So, evidently, the mind-games have already begun.


2 Responses to “India not in Hussey’s top four threat? Look again”

  1. 1 indianbuddy February 28, 2007 at 1:18 am

    Australia are already down in the backdrop of their recent poor ODI run. Hussey’s thoughts have little sense in this regard.

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  2. 2 Mohan February 28, 2007 at 3:13 am

    I am not sure I’d give Hussey’s comments too much weight. Like the poster, I think this is mind-games stuff. Not because India is absent from Hussey’s list. In tournaments like this, I feel it is good to be off lists rather than on random lists that random people draw up to while their time! I feel this is a mind-games list because England and New Zealand are absent. NZ thrashed Australia in a series that Hussey, who was Australia captain for that series, will want to forget. He said he was mentally traumatised by that series loss. Apparently that trauma already has made him forget that loss! So yes the mind games have begun. But I think these mind games are being played out in Hussey’s (at the moment) confused brain.

    — Mohan

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