Rolling NZ gather all AUS: NZ complete the AUSSIE whitewash

NZ Defeat Australia (Getty image from cricinfo)

Well it’s unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. You can’t defeat Australia 3-0! You can’t complete the second highest run-chase two matches in a row! You can’t make Australia appear human! But it’s happened. It’s really happened. And it’s stunning.

I saw the result by accident, half expecting to see 2-1 in the final score-line. That would have restored some order in the cricketting world… that an Australia loss was just a coincidence. But something has happened… akin to Bangladesh defeating Australia… not that New Zealand are like Bangladesh… not at all… but rather, what was unexected… has happened.

And it is Australian (cf. Buchanan) and NOT Flemming, who have to eat their words… Australia wanted “competition” before the world cup… and GOSH! Did they get it!

Well congrats to New Zealand… and now all that’s left is wait for the the most unpredicatable World Cup!

For an australian point of view, see this cricket-blog site.

And a cricinfo article (by Tim de Lisle) on why Australia are STILL the favourites to win the World Cup: here.
Personally, I’m rooting for India. So favourite-smavarite! India is going to win! (stepping back to reality) hmmmm. :)


1 Response to “Rolling NZ gather all AUS: NZ complete the AUSSIE whitewash”

  1. 1 armoks February 22, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Yeah, It is unbelievable…This seried defeat is going to be etched in the minds of people for quite sometime. It does augur well for all the other cricketing nations. I hope India beats Australia…But for me, RSA and WI are the favourites…

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