New Team India Uniforms: comments

It’s just out, in this article,, that India has new uniforms for the coming World Cup. Another story (perspetive) found here at

The pictures of the uniforms are below (source

Team India Uniforms

Comment: Well these new uniforms look more shiny than the previous uniforms, I wonder if they’re comfortable (they look synthetic rather than comfortable cotton).The India flag line… looks imbalanced… not sure it’s the best position for a t-shirt design, but of course this is better than the fish-scale India bluet-shirt sometime ago. Man that was gross! However, these uniforms are paler than the earlier colour, so it is not head-turning. It’s easy to see-and-miss. This could be detrimental if onfield colour needs a team to look united and agreesive and overwhelming and leads to winning matching. But perhaps it’s advantageous too, if India, are not noticed… and slowly make their way to the top. Hmm. I wish, I really wish.

Another perspective here.


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