My Indian Cricket team for the World Cup: (four bowlers!)

I know, I know. Some people think Cricket has nothing to do with Theology (and thus this journalic space). But in India, where Cricket is a “religion”, it just might!

Anyway, my selection of the Indian team (15 players) to represent India in the World Cup, along with batting order, is as follows:

1: Saurav Ganguly
2: Robin Uthappa (yes, I know he’s fresh, but I argue that the shock value might just work and lift the team).
3: Rahul Dravid * (though I don’t mind sending Pathan or Dhoni at # 3 now and then, even in the World Cup. But NOT Sewhag)
4. Sachin Tendulkar (He’s precious here. Especially in West Indies conditions).
5. Yuvraj Singh
6. Virender Sewhag
7. M.S. Dhoni +
8. Irfan Pathan
9. Ajit Agarkar
10. Harbhajan Singh
11. Zaheer Khan

(12) Dinesh Kartick (as in-form batsman and fielder)
(13) Anil Kumble (when we need a fifth bowler)
(14) Munaf Patel (if he’s fit) otherwise, the expensive/inexperienced/wild-card Sreeshant
(15) Suresh Raina (as a batsman and fielder)

My explanations for

1) selecting four bowlers. But I argue that with Sachin, Yuvraj and Sehwag in the team, you don’t need a fifth bowler. However, in case we want a 5th bowler, depending on form, drop Sewhag or Uttappa and replace with Kumble.

2) Selecting Raina above Mongia etc. Well, I can’t see any other person in the horizon worth taking. Perhaps Laxman? Please! As we saw recently in the West Indies series, Raina makes a good fielding replacement, and we need that. Sorry that Kaif is out of the picture. Raina is ‘a’ future of Indian cricket, so why not take him and boost his confidence and also perhaps give him a few games (remember the Cricket world cup is filled with early mindless mini-battles) and exposure.

3) Choosing Karthick. Regardless of what Wadekar recently said, Karthick is a better in-form batsman than the current crop around. I would rather see him as a fighting player, rather than an unpredictable Gambhir, or the tried and yawned Mongia. Remember Karthick winning us our first 20-20 game. Yes, he is a match winner.

4) Munaf Patel… well, I like him. And I wish he sorts out, whatever that needs sorting out. I guess, if the batting comes good, Irfan Pathan could be dropped to favour Munaf in the playing 11… and use Agarkar as the lower-order hope (again!). That would hopefully strengthen our bowling.

OK, more can be said. But right now, I’d like to see this position tested in the upcoming Sri Lanka series, and no matter how we do, I feel this IS our best combination.

Anyway… in a land of a billion fans and a billion experts, this was my two bits. Signing off!


5 Responses to “My Indian Cricket team for the World Cup: (four bowlers!)”

  1. 1 mumbaiKar February 3, 2007 at 8:12 pm

    This is a truely explosive team. Robin, Virendar, Sachin, and Dhoni along with Saurav is a batting line up to die for.

  2. 2 Swapnil February 6, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    Kumble can be better in place for Harbhajan.
    Rest of the team is rocking.

  3. 4 Murthy February 13, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    Team is OK. My suggestions for all the players are :

    1) Please keep maintain coordination with each others through the worldcup.

    2) During the paly Don’t be nervous, please play your own game but not follow others.

    3) Bowlers contribution must be powerful for all the matches


    Come with the Worldcup Trophy.


  1. 1 “The” Indian cricket team for World Cup 2007 « a (Indian) Tryst with Theology Trackback on February 12, 2007 at 1:25 pm

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