Quick thoughts: the Virgin Birth in Contextual Context

Thinking about ‘generational’ curses, it was quite evident that at least, we all inherit sin from Adam. In other words, it is not simply our sin that makes us sinful from birth, but an inherited situation. Thus, it has been argued that Jesus’ virgin birth was necessary to break the sinful generational pattern inherited from Adam(through Joseph) (and not Eve (via Mary)). This may be true, but that’s not what this post is about.

This “seed” business is so patriarchal. ie. Why would sin be passed through Joseph when in actuality, a baby leeches more from the woman than the man. Ie. from pregancy… the baby takes vitamins, blood and health (and even sickness) from the mother… and thus, wouldn’t it make sense that the woman at least, has some stake in passing down sin to the baby?

Well… this would mean Jesus is sinful which is not what I’m trying to argue. But neither do I want to argue that the man is the one through whom sin is passed, as a theological assertion.
The point I am making is that the virgin birth in the Bible is depicted within a Jewish context, within the framework of genealogies (usually from the man)… and thus, it is all the more extraordinary, especially for the Jews, that a claim for a virgin birth should be made… with implications for being more than Abraham’s seed… to being the seed of God Himself… ie. Jesus is the son of God. Meaning, for us we may argue that Jesus is the son of God because of his signs/claims etc. But, contextually, the Christians who made this claim about Jesus were also making a claim, to the context, that Jesus was God’s son (distinct from us being Abraham’s children).

While we make theological statements and implications from the virgin birth, I think the contextuality of the event, wrapped within the Jewish understanding… is pretty much the primary context that we must understand the event. We must first and foremost see the virgin birth in the context of the Jewish religion/heritage/texts. Only then can we apply it to our contextual understanding of the same.


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