Quick Thoughts: Communication

After attending a christian communication/media conference yesterday , I was left with a few concerns.

Often we fail to understand that the problem is oftentimes the message (not necessarily the medium)… ie. do we really have something worthy communicating… is our communication (our take on it) actually true! I’m not talking about questioning the Christian faith, but questioning our interpretations of it. This is neither to discard what we think… but rather to say that we must be careful to question our content, even as we try to question/promote mediums.

This is related to the other concern that just because something is said (communicated) doesn’t mean it was worth being said and listened to.

Also, often in communication we fail to distinguish between ‘poor’ communication from communication. More particularly, the seminar was on communication, but the communicators  failed to meet their own standards on how best to communicate (ie. they were often unclear, disorganised, communicator-oriented… and boring). Plus, their use of technology (powerpoint) etc was neither inspiring nor examples of how we must in the future move towards. In effect, our ‘teachers’ were our peers. Neither better, nor more engaging, than any of us sitting in the room. We could all have done a similar presentation, with similar jargon and style, and the same/similar effect.

Of course my point is not to end in criticism, but to affirm that in addition to our criticism we must also affirm Christian diversity and even contradictions. For indeed, even if others communicate messages and (through mediums) that we reject, we may continue to reject/debate other views… but we always must allow others to speak. In that way, when we all get the opportunity to speak, there is both the possibility of genuine dialogue and the possibility of discovering deeper truth in surprising corners.

That, being the kingdom of God in action.


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