Bible Study: Week 04




Psalm 121

Reflect how these words can become your own.

MONDAY: Sheep and Goats

Matthew 25:31-46

Questions to Consider

What is the basis on which Jesus judges between the sheep and the goats? Who am I (sheep/goat); how do I know? How does this passage challenge what we believe about salvation?

Some thoughts

Whether we like judgement day or not, this is an encouraging passage for a few reasons. Jesus Himself declares that He will return. Also, in this new world Jesus is King seated on His throne. Unlike the imperfect Solomon (who had some wisdom), Jesus will judge rightly at all times. Jesus will be just.

Back to the judgment, Keith Green in his ‘sheep/goats’ song says it more bluntly that the only thing that distinguishes between the sheep and the goats is “what they did and did not do!” This is true as long as we do not promote that “doing” is adequate without Christ.

While the Gentiles do seem to do “things of the law” even while not having the law (only in their conscience), there is never an instance in the Bible where people can do without Christ.

In the context of all the three parables (Ch. 25), Jesus’ knowledge of people (25:12) and people’s knowledge of the Master (25:24-27) indicate that ‘knowledge of’/‘relationship with’ God is important alongside works.


Revelation 5:9, Revelation 7:9, Revelation 11:9, Revelation 13:7 and Revelation 14:6

Questions to consider

Why do these passage follow the same form? How are they different? What do these verses tell us about God’s purpose?

Some thoughts

Some Hindus believe that Jesus died only for Christians; that the Christian God is only a God of Christians. Many verses, including these, show that Jesus is not a cultural/nationalistic God, but the saviour of the world. Jesus came for everyone; which includes every person (man and woman) from every tribe, every language group, every nation.


1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

Questions to consider

Do you fear the coming of the Lord? Do you need to fear the coming of the Lord? What should be the tone of our message if we preach from this passage to fellow believers?

Some thoughts

Let us be always mindful that the coming of the Lord is our hope; meaning, we look forward to this day eagerly. This day gives us hope when we feel all is lost; in the midst of our struggles, death, persecution and failure. To us struggling Christians the coming of Jesus is a message that does and should continually encourage us. Only if Jesus were not coming would there be no hope. Let us “encourage one another” with the hope that our Lord will return.

THURSDAY: Hope = action

Revelation 22:7-17

Questions to consider… and answer

Does this passage inspire you to change the way you act? Does this passage affirm your current life? How does this passage make you feel? What do you sense God saying to you?

What is the meaning of “Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong”? Does this mean that we should not be involved in mission/pastoral discipline? How should we respond to this charge?

FRIDAY: Hope = action = comfort

Matthew 11:25-30

Questions to consider

Does the use of this passage make Christians lazy? How can these words inspire us in our walk with God? What is the message of this passage for us?

Some thoughts

The yoke is the yoke of action, yet the yoke is the Lord’s and He, being stronger than us, carries our load. Let us, at all times, remember that Jesus alone saves us and He alone helps and aids us. Also, He alone is the hope for the world. And in our participation in His work, in our struggle against sin, in our desire to love our neighbour, in our proclamation and witness, let us not give up. Instead let us daily fall at the feet of Jesus and find rest.

SATURDAY: At the Cross and…

Mark 15:42-16:8

Spend time in quiet reflection on the events depicted, and respond as the Lord leads.


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