Betting on Casino Royale

There are two comments to be made at the outset: “This Bond-movie is good” and “This movie is ok”

Casino RoyaleAs a Bond movie: characterisation is good

Character of Bond is interesting. He is rustic, and under-prepared. Prone to making mistakes and acts before he thinks. As a dialogue with earlier Bond characters, even what Pierce Brosnan made of it (vulnerable yet able), this take is insightful twist.

As a (normal) movie: weak characterisation

This movie exists with certain cliches, that we are expected to make connections with. For instance, M, we’re supposed to know because of earlier movies. Even Bond, works as a ‘too fast’ thinking agent because we know who Bond is supposed to be. In the movie, however, things work too fast. We are not given any time to see character development. we’re more focussed on the action development.  Bond heals too fast, even as the action moves on too fast.  We are forced to follow the events, not the people.

As a bond movie: romantic pace is an interesting twist

I don’t think any Bond movie has ever given so much time for a romantic relationship. The dialogues are ‘deep’ and beyond the conventional, even for regular romances. Usually in Bond movies, the romance is built over an action plot, but here, the story almost stops/stands still, to develop their relationship. And as a Bond movie, it is an intriguing thing to see.

As a normal movie: romantic pace misplaced

Earlier I had said that Bond is too fast to allow character development. But in contrast, the movie suddenly becomes two-paced. Conventional movies would stick with a steady pace (either fast for action, or even-slow for romance.). Casino Royale tries both. And as a movie it makes the romance confusing, even distracting.

As a bond movie: nothing stands out as a spectacular Bondesque action sequence.

I’ve seen better action in Bond. The runner scene is good, but it’s not the kind that stands out as a Bond-action scene. The building falling down scene wasn’t that great, reminded me of Oceans 12 and Italian Job too much. Maybe this Venus thing is getting old.

As a normal movie: action scenes are… uh-ok. The runing scene is excellent

Usually, Bond movie action scenes are over-the-top (see GoldenEye as a case in point). But the runner scene stands out as a classic action scene for the popular action genre. Good stuff.

Like this, a lot of comparisons are possible… but the point is that we are not watching a normal movie, but a Bond movie. And as a Bond movie, I really enjoyed it. Of course I will not compare, because Bond’s are not to be compared, but to be liked for the time they come and when they go… to be forgotten, till the next movie comes along.

A word about the new Bond? Who cares. He’s ok. He wasn’t that bad. Ultimately the whole movie needs to work, and this one basically does.

Verdict: Watchable, as a Bond movie. Even as a normal action movie.


1 Response to “Betting on Casino Royale”

  1. 1 shannon corera April 24, 2007 at 10:54 am

    worst among the bond movies..everyone goes for bond movie to see some thing diffrent not for romance..this movie full of romance..then pierse brosnan was best suit for bond movie..this actor is the worst bond i ‘ve ever seen in bond movie..this actor doesnt have a cool should have a cool n romantic look……but strong….this hero doesnt have any of these it ll be better to search for some other bond whoo suits the character most………this movie cant be watched as a bond movie..we got to watch it s if we are watchin some other movie..if we watch this as a bond movie,,,surely evryone will hate it…so its better to watch it as a love story…

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