Cyrus and Prada

Being CyrusStarting today, I’m back to my movie watching days. Holidaying, you know!

Anyway, I saw ‘through’ Being Cyrus, which was a bit of a let-down, because I expected it to be a ‘family’ movie and instead it turned out to be what they call a ‘psychological thriller’. Not my kind of movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon, but more importantly, the movie was hardly ‘psychological’. Meaning, it’s pretty straightforward… and the end is sort of a give-away that is supposedly unexpected because they hardly show adequate signs of it in the first place… nor does it seem to shock either. I guess Saif’s characterisation was weak, and perhaps he was too Saif through the movie, even in the ending (unlike in Omkara). I realised too late what kind of movie it was, but that I gave it only a cursory watch helps me feel better.

The English-Hindi genre is fascinating though, and as an attempt in that kind of cinema, I think it worked. It looked pretty normal having Indian actors speak English… but I only wish they pick better story lines… why do we always choose these dysfunctional life-story plots? (There’s that dumb I-cut-hair-and-I-hear-their-thoughts movie… I forgot the name. Another weird one!).

The other movie I saw today was The Devil Wears Prada.Devil Wears Prada Which wasn’t half bad, but I disagree with the person who said that it was not a chick flick… because it so is! Fine that it’s got Meryl Streep… and mature themes… but that whole obsession with character transformations, non-existent boyfriends (who appear only for certain ‘key’ lines) etc…. were so within the chick-flick genre. Still, I enjoyed the movie, and did believe that they ‘drew’ Meryl Streep quite well.

The only implausibility was the beginning, getting hired with such little experience, and yet expecting so much within the first few days… hmm. I guess the filmmakers were making a point, but it was too weird to caricatured to seem normal.

Anyway, I enjoyed getting back to watching movies, and hopefully I’ll catch up on the more recent far as well.


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