Bible Study: Week 02


In continuation with the previous post, this is a 7-day weekly Bible Study site, aimed to be used WITH a Bible. It is also primarily an early draft.


Sunday Meditation

Psalm 46

Reflect how these words can become your own.

MONDAY: Body of Christ

1 Corinthians 12

Question to Consider

What does it mean that God has given greater honour to those who have lacked it (vs. 24)?

Some thoughts

This passage seems to be linked to spiritual gifts because its focus is on abilities of each person rather than on deficiencies. We all bring something to God’s altar, and something to the body of Christ. There doesn’t seem to be a spiritually gifted group who help us who have little or no gifts. Rather, even though some have ‘greater’ gifts than others, we all have certain strengths that help contribute to the body of Christ.

One practical implication of this is that the ‘real’ pastoral/mission situation where the congregation/receivers believes that the pastor/missionary gives and people only receive, is simply unbiblical!

TUESDAY: Blessed and Poor

John 3-John 4

Questions to consider

Are biblical scholars right when they see this passage; especially in that Nicodemus is being compared to the Samaritan woman and actually the Samaritan woman is shown in a better light? What differentiates Nicodemus from us?

Some thoughts

Quite clearly, knowledge of the scriptures does not mean we understand the truth. The words of the Bible are important as they reveal God’s purpose culminating in and through Christ Jesus. The Bible thus depicts a Samaritan woman who has a ‘faulty’ understanding of religious tradition/knowledge, and yet the Messiah finds her despite her misunderstanding. The Messiah does not leave her with her ‘false’ understanding, but rather, He reinterprets her tradition, and this meeting with the Messiah changes her outlook about herself, spirituality and her world.

WEDNESDAY, Lord, Lord!

Matthew 7:15-23

Questions to consider

How does this passage challenge our understanding of the assurance of salvation? What are the ‘sure’ signs of salvation?

Some thoughts

There is a struggle in this passage about works and grace. The reason grace is the key because Jesus’ final words “ away from me you evil doers” is preceded by ‘I never knew you.” Jesus’ knowledge of (relationship with) people is clearly the hinge upon which people are accepted or rejected. However, the warning seems to be to us ‘churched’ people, who think we have a relationship with God. We may have the ‘traditionally popular signs’ of that relationship with Jesus, but in fact the ‘real sign’ of that relationship is something else.

THURSDAY, Feb 16: Safety or Protection?

John 17

Questions to consider

If God allowed that we could press a button and leave the world if we wished, would we press it? If yes, then why are we so eager to leave the world? If no, then what motivates us to stay? If we are hesitant; then why? And which is the right feeling?

Some thoughts

Jesus’ concern is for the protection of those who are His; but not for safety. Safety suggests a haven where no harm can come. Protection is the promise of safety when harm does come. Somehow, within God’s wisdom, God expects us to remain in this world, in accordance with His purpose. This world is difficult. Yet remembering that we are called to be a blessing to all nations, as children of Abraham, we stay in this world, united in action and abounding in love.

FRIDAY: Sweating for Answers

Matthew 7:24-29

Questions to consider

In this story, what is the ‘rock’; and what is the process of ‘building a house?’

Some Thoughts

Maybe some of us will regret coming to a Bible Seminary for the ‘right’ reason; the reason being that ‘more’ is now expected of us. Before we could get away with our simple knowledge. Now we have no such excuse. Having learned how to study the scriptures, we have to use those principles. Having learned that books can help us find perspectives on issues, we need to continue to work hard to find answers. This is more than just practising what we have learned, but being responsible to study because we know how to. What is the point of knowing how to research, if we will never research answers to important questions people will ask? All of us know that there are no simple answers. Will we be people of the sand and offer simple advice? Or will we continue to dig deeper (even when we’re not graded) to seek the truth… by sweating.

SATURDAY: At the Cross

Luke 23:26-56

Spend time in quiet reflection on the events depicted, and respond as the Lord leads.


1 Response to “Bible Study: Week 02”

  1. 1 Jenna December 11, 2006 at 1:11 pm

    I LOVE that you are doing a Bible study on here. You know I never ceased to miss our bible studies. I am now attending a great church here but our studies will remain some of my most inspiring moments with the word. :) I need to keep in better touch…maybe I’ll make that one of my new year resolutions? No because then it won’t happen. I will try with much might to stay in better touch.

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