Movies Watched Recently

A trip back memory lane… I recently revisited XMen-3 which of course is still a “new” film in that it was released this year. But having already seen it, I enjoyed watching it again… though I feel it isn’t the best blockbuster of the year. My vote would still be for Pirates 2. X3 was fun, though at times it was surprising that the mutants seem to be less powerful than they could be. ie. SeabiscuitA big deal was made about the Alcatraz facility… but if the mutants were ok with that kind of action… then they could have been violent in greater degree earlier. But whatever… it was fun to watch. And move on.

Then, a chick-flick semi-“ghost” story… Just Like Heaven. Hmmm. I know, I know. Don’t crucify me but I recently saw it for the “second” time and once again, there were aspects I liked about it… and certain things I didn’t. Still, on a day you don’t want to think… Just Like Heaven helped just fine!

Going further back into time… I saw Seabiscuit again. Haven’t heard of it? Well… it was a understated story of a Horse, his owner, his trainer and his jockey. I really enjoyed the narrative, and strangely the movie was shorter than I remember it. Meaning, the narrative didn’t drag as much as I thought it did the first time. The best way to describe it was a luxurious pace. I liked the character/plot development. And if true, the story is all the more remarkable. Seabiscuit was an enjoyable movie…heart-felt and fun.Hunchback of Notre Dam
Still further back, I re-viewed Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. I still remember looking foward to this film so much, especially after the huge Disney prior successes. I was so excited about the alternative (out of the stereotype) plot etc. And I remember being disappointed that Disneyfications were too extreme… the softened the story too much. Strangely, I felt the same way 10 years later.

And way-way back to Fried Green Tomatoes… I just finished watching it. And once again, a movie with a luxurious pace. It impressed me by its multiple plot-line… both old and new. It was a little predictable… and yet engaging all the same. At one time I didn’t want to be watching a movie about racism and domestic violence… but the film did well enough to raise those issues and yet not linger on them for too long. On the whole, it was a positive story… though the ending seemed strange and incomplete.


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