Review: 300 has come (Previously… Preview: 300 is Coming)

(latest update… the preview becomes a review)

I must confess. I just saw this movie and was NOT blown away. However, I really really liked it. I think there’s a difference. If I was to rate it amongst this genre of movies, I think I would rate

1. Kill Bill 1-2
2. Pulp Fiction
3. 300
4. Sin City

As expected, I loved the adrenaline rush I got watching the whole movie.. it was not just the battles. I really liked the entire presentation, the narrator’s ‘over-drama’ which in the context of ‘live story telling’ works. I even liked the over-the-top visuals; the beasts, the extra-dark immortals etc. Which clearly give the impression that we are in a “biased” tale where some are heroes are some are dastardly villains.

What prevented me from getting blown away was surprisingly the battle scenes. They were good, I especially liked the scene when they meet a new challenge at every corner.

But somehow, Xerxes was presented as too dumb. Why couldn’t he break the wall? But more importantl, only the first battle scene where there is a huge “push of Xerxes’ army” against the Spartans. that’s probably more realistic… instead all the battle scenes look like there is enough room to jump and manouvre and so it doesn’t look like there are actually 200000 soldiers waiting. Instead it looks like xerxes sent a battalian of 50-100 soldiers each time. Didn’t it?

Anyway, that doesn’t distract from the fact that it’s worth a watch, and even makes you want to check up on your history. So check out:



OK. I accidently found out this movie. And felt that because of Sin City and the look of 300, I wanted to watch it. A few days later I discovered that this movie is one of the most looked forward to movies currently… described as a “fanboy masterpiece”. Hmmm. I guess I don’t like the associations, but I can’t discount the fact that I like these kinds of movies. Not movies like Troy… or even Gladiator. But films like Kill Bill, Sin City and now I expect 300.The cool traditional trailer is found here.

And the really good preview of the movie, with perhaps more information than someone may want (ie. spoiler possibilities) is here.


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